NiP are out of the Copenhagen Major RMRs

We’re only at the end of round 3 in European RMR A and Ninjas in Pyjamas have already failed... Radu M. | 15. February 2024

We’re only at the end of round 3 in European RMR A and Ninjas in Pyjamas have already failed to qualify for the Copenhagen Major. This result, combined with the one from BLAST Premier: Spring Groups will almost certainly result in some roster changes.

It’s hard to believe that an organization of NiP’s caliber will choose to continue with its current CS2 roster when it is obvious that it cannot compete with the world’s top teams.

NiP is currently ranked 27th globally but that rank will fall even more in the coming weeks. Back in July 2023, this team was ranked 7th. The management and possibly the players wanted more, which led to roster changes. But those changes proved to be extremely uninspired.

The former Swedish roster became an international roster and the results, at least so far, have been disastrous. Some may argue that NiP simply need more time to adjust and find a successful formula, but it is hard to be optimistic in regards to their chances of qualifying for S-tier tournaments and doing better than last place.

Given their results in the European RMRs for PGL Copenhagen Major, even a mere qualification would be a spectacular result at this point. No doubt, GeT_RiGhT is pretty sad right now, assuming he still watches NiP’s matches.

NiP’s European RMR A results

NiP started the tournament with a match against Eternal Fire, which they lost 11 – 13 on Overpass. The entire team played reasonably well, but couldn’t match woxic’s spectacular individual performance: 23 – 8. For k0nfig, the 13 – 17 score was a bit of a disappointment. He’s usually much better than this.

The second match was played against AMKAL, a Russian team with very few significant results. This should have been a walk in the park for NiP, but they ended up losing the first half 2 – 10. Everyone thought that the match was over at that point. Miraculously, NiP sent the match into overtime, but ended up losing 20 – 22. Once again, on Overpass.

The third match of the RMR was played against SAW. Quite clearly, NiP were discouraged and probably convinced that they won’t be able to win three consecutive matches. The scores speak for themselves: 13 – 5 on Ancient and 13 – 3 on Nuke. Apart from REZ, who finished with a score of 23 – 23, everyone on NiP did poorly.

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