MLBB: World champion coach Trebor suits up for AP.Bren

AP.Bren, the reigning MLBB World Champions, have plucked another world champion coach for its lineup. Robert “Trebor” Sanchez is... Paolo | 21. February 2024

AP.Bren, the reigning MLBB World Champions, have plucked another world champion coach for its lineup.

Robert “Trebor” Sanchez is now AP.Bren’s technical coach, assisting two-time world champion coach Francis “Ducky” Glindro in managing the main lineup of AP.Bren.

Coach Trebor was a longtime mainstay for ECHO, whom he helped steer into winning both the M4 World Championship and the MPL Philippines Season 11 title.

Sanchez fills in the slot left by former assistant/technical coach Vrendon “Vren” Lin, who now suits up for RRQ Hoshi in Indonesia.

The former ECHO assistant coach was announced to be joining the Hive on Wednesday following their MPL Philippines Season 13 Roster Reveal. He had helped the Orcas steer their way into the MPL Philippines Season 11 Championship and the M4 World Championship.

“I did not expect to be part of this M5 World Championship team,” Coach Trebor told reporters. This was all so sudden, I was surprised they were looking for an assistant coach so I remembered what Coach Ducky offered me, and I grabbed it.”

Coach Ducky told reporters that Trebor is a great addition to the team, and talked him into accepting the job. 

“It’s a very important thing to have a technical coach, specifically for this team because they have to have that certain someone who will fine-tune with all their ideas. They (the team) have a lot of ideas that are thrown around while we play, while we train. We need someone to fine-tune the strategies so we can discuss the ins and outs, the weaknesses and the strengths of the stuff they wanted to do. I need someone like that,” Ducky said, with some parts translated by Fragster for clarity.


When asked about why he decided to join AP.Bren, Coach Trebor said, “there were many offers to me from abroad. However, I’m doing this for my country. I’d want to prove more to myself here at home soil.”

“I have more to contribute to AP.Bren, that’s why I chose to be with them,” he said. He added in the local language that he’s not yet ready to accept foreign coaching offers.

Coach Trebor and Coach Ducky will helm the returning M5 World Championship and MPL-PH S12 Championship lineup of team captain Angelo “Pheww” Arcangel, Michael Angelo “KyleTzy” Sayson, David “FlapTzy” Canon, Rowgien “Owgwen” Unigo, Marco “Super Marco” Requitiano, and Vincent “Pando” Unigo.