MrBeast wants to buy LCS team

The champions of this year’s League of Legends Worlds were crowned in a breathtaking final that also marked the... Fragster | 7. November 2022

The champions of this year’s League of Legends Worlds were crowned in a breathtaking final that also marked the end of the World Championship 2022. 

In addition to many notable guests being present during the opening ceremony of the finals, there was also a visit from the popular YouTube content creator Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson. MrBeast made a promise to the community to buy an LCS team that will make it to the Worlds finals in the next few years.

MrBeast wants to buy an LCS team

During the pre-show for the League of Legends-Worlds 2022 Finals between T1 and DRX, MrBeast confirmed that he is interested in buying an LCS team in the near future. This follows weeks of rumors surrounding the content creator and the possibility that he could buy a team in the region.

When asked by Azael at the analysts’ table if he wanted to buy an LCS team, MrBeast replied “100 percent.” However, the content creator cautioned that he wants to make sure he’s doing it right and at the right time. Because, according to his words, he wants the team that he invests in to make it to the Worlds Finals — something no team from the LCS has ever done. These are certainly very high and honorable ambitions, but it will be a tough road to get there.

It’s all still in the planning stages though, and while MrBeast didn’t give any specifics, he did mention that he could buy a team in the next year or two. It’s unclear if he intends to buy an existing LCS team or create his own, but he’ll be sure to let the internet know when all is set.

Content Creator helps the scene

MrBeast is known for his care about League of Legends, as he often speaks about his appreciation for the game and that it has lasted and evolved tremendously over the past decade. Earlier this year, he also hosted an LoL competition between him and Ninja, which was attended by a variety of well-known content creators such as Ludwig Ahgren, Emiru, Doublelift, and Tyler1.

This story somehow reminds us of the newly founded organization of Hand of Blood “Eintracht Spandau” or the French organization Karmine Corp, also founded by the streamer duo Kamel “Kameto” Kebir and Zouhair “Kotei” Darji, or the Spanish organization KOI, which was founded by Ibai Llanos and FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué.

We’ll see how well the organizations set up by content creators develop, but Eintracht Spandau set a good example and is already in the first division after less than a year. Let’s hope the same for MrBeast’s future organization.