MAD Lions beat Team BDS to become 2023 LEC Spring Split Champions

The LEC Spring Split 2023 is history, and MAD Lions defeated Team BDS by 3-2 to proclaim tournament champions.... Eduardo | 24. April 2023

The LEC Spring Split 2023 is history, and MAD Lions defeated Team BDS by 3-2 to proclaim tournament champions. However, in addition to their excellent victory, the most impressive thing is the way they did it, as they were losing 0-2 after two games and, with a spectacular reverse sweep, they got the victory.

Moreover, this is a well-deserved award for this Spanish organization that has shown a great performance during the first two splits of the 2023 LEC season. Remember that, in the Winter Split, MAD Lions were runners-up after being crushed by G2 Esports in the Grand Final.

MAD Lions are the champion of the LEC Spring Split, applying a reverse sweep against Team BDS

There is no better way MAD Lions could have chosen to complete their miraculous and spectacular run to the title than with a reverse sweep. After going down 0-2 in the series and being on the ropes, the Spanish team reacted and hit back in three consecutive matches to lift the Spring Split champions trophy.

MAD Lions qualified for the Group Stage of the LEC Spring Split in eighth place with a poor 3-6 record. In addition, the team had to play a playoff game against Team Heretics to qualify. Then, in the group stage, they started by being crushed by Team Vitality 0-2, something that sent them straight to the Elimination Match, where they sent home Fnatic, and then, in the Decider Match, they crushed Astralis 2-0.

Finally, this time the playoffs did smile on the Spanish team. In the Lower Bracket semifinals, they took revenge against G2 Esports from the Winter Split final and sent them home with a 3-2 score. Then came the second rematch of this Split, but this time against Team Vitality, which they defeated categorically by 3-1 to advance to the tournament’s final.

Team BDS could not close its victory

Although MAD Lions indeed arrived with a lot of confidence for this match of the Grand Final, in front of them, they had Team BDS, the most consistent team of the whole Split, and that, undoubtedly, were the favorites to lift the champions trophy.

Team BDS gave MAD Lions two slaps in the face in the first two games. After that, the Spanish team looked out of focus and completely lost inside the Summoner’s Rift. Social media was exploding to see such a noticeable drop in performance in these first two games of the series.

However, when everyone thought that Team BDS would be crowned Split champions, the MAD Lions boys immediately changed their composure for the third match of the series.

Led by Javier “Elyoya” Prades and the MVP of the series, Kim “Chasy” Dong-Hyeon, MAD Lions began to row against the current to get back into the grand final.

With this victory for MAD Lions, Team BDS was impressively shut down, allowing the Spanish team to unleash their full potential in the Summoner’s Rift. Spectacular plays by Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság, Elyoya, and Chasy, led to MAD Lions equalizing the series 2-2 quickly.

Finally, with Team BDS lying on the canvas, MAD Lions delivered the killer blow in Game 5. They built an insurmountable lead to take the 3-2 victory, complete the reverse sweep, and claim the Spring Split 2023 championship.

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