Luna Galaxy shocks everyone in the WEU Qualifier for TI12

The WEU Qualifier for The International 12 was supposed to be a battle between Quest Esports, Team Secret, OG,... Radu M. | 30. August 2023

The WEU Qualifier for The International 12 was supposed to be a battle between Quest Esports, Team Secret, OG, and Nigma Galaxy.

But after several days of matches, Nigma are already out and the other three teams are in the lower bracket, which guarantees that at best, only one of them will play in The International this year.

The upper bracket has been dominated by two teams. One of them is well-known and seems to have retained its prowess despite changing a player just two months ago. Entity seem determined to win the qualifier and go to TI12. But the other team that’s close to qualifying is a complete unknown.

Some of the players who compete for Luna Galaxy are known in the Dota 2 community. Lots of people are familiar with Cedric “Davai Lama” Deckmyn and Thiago “Thiolicor” Cordeiro because both of them are high MMR players who have been around for at least 5-7 years. But their current team is completely new.

How can a team that’s put together in a matter of weeks or even days defeat lineups who have been competing for many years and in some cases even got top placements at The International? Dota 2 truly is a fascinating game.

Luna Galaxy’s path to the upper bracket Final

Luna Galaxy had to win just two matches to get to this point. But both of them were challenging. The first was against Level UP, who won Division II in Tour 3. The battle ended after two games but each of them lasted more than 40 minutes. That’s a clear sign of a tough fight.

Eventually, Luna won in both cases after repeatedly accumulating small advantages. Despite Level UP’s best efforts, Thiolicor’s squad was always in control and had a good networth lead.

Then came the match against Quest Esports. Everyone was convinced that Quest would absolutely demolish them and in game 1 they certainly did. But in the next two games, Luna fought hard and won with heroes like Slark and Medusa. Game 2, in particular, was quite spectacular and lasted 78 minutes.

Nobody can understand why Luna Galaxy like to play so safely when they have a massive lead. The game could have been over at the 30-minute mark but lasted for more than an hour just because Theolicor wanted to be extremely meticulous. One more victory and he’ll be at TI12.

Header: Luna Galaxy