Luminosity Gaming reveals their Call of Duty Mobile roster

Luminosity Gaming has revealed three new addition to its Call of Duty: Mobile roster. Maiwand “Vague” Zai, Brian “Tectonic” Michel... Jason | 7. May 2023

Luminosity Gaming has revealed three new addition to its Call of Duty: Mobile roster. Maiwand “Vague” Zai, Brian “Tectonic” Michel and Angel “Marshy” Gonzalez has been added to part of the squad.

The CODM roster of Luminosity Gaming has had its fair share of ups and downs since the beginning of this year. However, the addition of Angel “Marshy” Gonzalez is particularly special since he had previously bid farewell to the team in March after initially joining in January. The organization has managed to convince him to return to the active roster following the departures of Solomon “Solo” Smith, Adam “JesusSaves” Khreis, and Angel “Blurr” Gonzalez in late April.

Luminosity Gaming Call of Duty Mobile: Full roster

The addition of these new players is expected to bring some much-needed stability and strength to the team. Maiwand “Vague” Zai and Brian “Tectonic” Michel are both highly skilled players who have shown their abilities in previous competitions. Angel “Marshy” Gonzalez, on the other hand, has plenty of experience and is known for his strong leadership skills, making him a valuable asset to the team. Notably, all three players were previously members of the Tribe Gaming roster that managed to beat Luminosity Gaming in last year’s Call of Duty Mobile World Championships. With the recent changes, this is what the Luminosity CODM roster looks like:

  • Banned (Kent Nerves)
  • Mexico Envy (Alex Primitivo)
  • Washy (Christian Manalo )
  • Marshy (Angel Gonzalez)
  • Tectonic (Brian Michel)
  • Vague (Maiwand Zai)

Luminosity eying for CoD: Mobile World Championship 2023

Earlier this year, Luminosity Gaming finished as the runner-up in the COD Mobile World Championship 2022, falling to Tribe Gaming in a hard-fought 4-3 battle. Despite narrowly missing out on the championship title, Luminosity Gaming still walked away with a substantial prize of $280k.

However, this year’s COD: World Championship promises to be even bigger and better, with a staggering $1 million prize pool up for grabs. Scheduled to take place towards the end of 2023, the championship will feature 16 teams from all corners of the globe. Although details about the championship are still scarce, fans can expect Activision to reveal more information in the coming months.

As one of the top teams in the COD Mobile scene, Luminosity Gaming will undoubtedly be aiming to go all the way and claim the coveted championship title this year. With the impressive roster of players they’ve assembled, fans can expect some exciting performances from the team in the lead-up to the championship.

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