London Royal Ravens officially relocates to Charlotte

After a complicated season and, above all, full of disappointing results, the London Royal Ravens are officially gone, as... Eduardo | 6. September 2023

After a complicated season and, above all, full of disappointing results, the London Royal Ravens are officially gone, as they have announced their relocation to Charlotte. As a result, we will now have a new franchise playing in the 2024 Call of Duty League season called Carolina Royal Ravens.

On the other hand, this announcement also marks the end of European franchises within the Call of Duty League, as, after four years, the organization moves its base from London to Charlotte, North Carolina.

While this may be a simple “location” and “name” change, it also opens the door to new sponsors, as it will now be a national team in NA. As a result, we can expect the team to have a new look and be much more competitive in the upcoming CDL season.

Royal Ravens announce relocation to North Carolina

The Royal Ravens announced their relocation to Charlotte, North Carolina, through an official statement on their blog and Twitter. As a result, the team will play under the Carolina Royal Ravens banner for the 2024 CDL season.

In addition, after the announcement, we see that the organization decided to follow the same line of “traditional” sports franchises based in Charlotte. These teams tend to place the Carolina name on their teams; such is the case of the Carolina Panthers in the NFL.

Likewise, the team keeps its name (Royal Ravens), which the UK inspires, but the move to Charlotte, as mentioned, means that we will no longer have any European team in the CDL. Recall that, at the beginning of the 2022/23 season, the Paris Legion relocated to the Las Vegas Legion.

About the Royal Ravens

The Royal Ravens franchise is owned by Infinite Reality, which was acquired for $470M in July 2022. However, the team had other candidate cities to relocate to, including Washington D.C., Chicago, and Mexico City.

However, they finally decided on North Carolina, in Charlotte, specifically, where it seems they will have a little more support from the local fans.

On the other hand, this becomes the second move in the CDL teams regarding rebranding for next season. Remember that a few weeks ago, the Florida Mutineers announced their rebranding to Miami Heretics after their partnership with Team Heretics.

Finally, we currently have that the Carolina Royal Ravens do not have an active lineup. Since they dropped their roster after the end of the 2023 CDL season. As a result, we are awaiting the announcement of the new lineup in the coming days.

Header: Carolina Royal Ravens | Twitter