Young Ninjas win WePlay Academy League Season 6

WePlay Academy League Season 6 was a great event for the CS:GO academy teams of some of the best... Radu M. | 22. November 2022

WePlay Academy League Season 6 was a great event for the CS:GO academy teams of some of the best esports clubs in the world. The competition was won by Young Ninjas, who played well, although not perfectly, throughout the tournament.

It was very interesting to see their evolution during the event. They started with a lot of weaknesses, which were exploited by teams like Astralis and even MIBR, but then they learned from their mistakes and ended the tournament on a high note.

After the group stage, few would have predicted Young Ninjas to be the winners. Their record was 8 W – 4 L and multiple teams had already demonstrated that they can beat them. The favorite team seemed to be NAVI Junior, although Spirit Academy were also held in high regard after their excellent group stage performance: 9 W – 3 L.

WePlay Academy League Season 6 results

The tournament featured 14 academy teams and was played over a period of five weeks. This was considered a B-tier event, although many participants looked a bit stronger than that. Initially, the competition had two groups.

In group A, NAVI Junior was the winner, followed by three other teams that had the exact same score (7 W – 5 L): MOUZ NXT, Fnatic Rising, and OG Academy.

In group B, Spirit Academy, Young Ninjas, Astralis Talent, and 00 Prospects were the four qualified teams. Their results proved that all of them are strong relative to each other. However, all of them are also very inconsistent.

When it comes to academy teams, you need to expect that they will make lots of mistakes and be caught off-guard in many situations. At this level, CS:GO is a game of finding and exploiting the opponent’s weaknesses before they manage to find yours.

In the play-in stage, MOUZ NXT and Young Ninjas managed to defeat their opponents and qualified for the playoffs, where the winners of the two groups were already waiting for them.


Young Ninjas did not have a smooth ride during this stage of the tournament. They did win against NAVI, which was surprising, but then they lost against Spirit. This defeat was quite close (16-12 on Mirage and 16-12 on Overpass), which suggested that the Ninjas could still win the tournament. But first they had to win the lower bracket Final.

Fortunately for Young Ninjas, NAVI won against MOUZ and they had already defeated this opponent. So they knew what they had to do and that’s exactly what they did. The result was another 2-0.

In the Grand Final, Young Ninjas lost the first map (16-7) but won the next two (11-16 and 8-16). However, the best player on the server was Artem “ArtFr0st” Kharitonov from Spirit Academy, who had a +15 K-D score and a rating 2.0 of 1.25.

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