EA Sports FC 24 Faces Criticism Over Duplicate Dilemma

In the world of virtual football, EA Sports FC 24 has become the center of an escalating debate among... Aleksandar | 18. February 2024

In the world of virtual football, EA Sports FC 24 has become the center of an escalating debate among its player base due to the persistent issue of duplicate player cards.

Players express growing frustration over the game’s handling of duplicates, especially in the Ultimate Team (UT) mode, highlighting the need for better solutions to manage excess cards.

The heart of the controversy lies in the Ultimate Team mode, where players assemble squads using cards acquired through packs. These packs, often earned or bought within the game, can contain duplicate players, leading to a sense of disappointment and wastage. The community has vocalized their dissatisfaction, emphasizing that the game’s current mechanisms for managing duplicates do not meet their needs or expectations.

A popular suggestion among players is the permanent availability of exchange Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), which allow for the trading of unwanted duplicates for potentially more useful players.

Although these exchanges provide a partial solution, they are criticized for not addressing higher-rated duplicates effectively, which remains a significant pain point for the community.

The debate extends to the game’s market dynamics, particularly concerning ‘fodder’ players – lower-rated players used primarily in completing SBCs. Some players argue that the temporary nature of exchange SBCs is a deliberate decision to manipulate player drop rates and market prices, affecting the in-game economy.

Others counter that these exchanges, if made permanent, could disrupt the balance of the game’s market, inflating prices and diminishing the value of higher-rated players.

Stories of Frustration

Amidst this debate, players share stories of frustration over packing the same players repeatedly, with some reporting extreme cases of receiving 30 duplicates in a single pack opening. This issue not only detracts from the gaming experience but also discourages players from engaging with the game’s content, as the excitement of opening new packs is overshadowed by the likelihood of duplicates.

As we can see from this tweet, this problem is not new, and it’s been troublesome for players for several years.

Potential Changes

In response to the outcry, players have proposed various solutions, including the implementation of a ‘Duplicate Storage’ feature, which would allow players to store duplicates separately for future use in SBCs. This idea draws inspiration from features in other games, suggesting that EA Sports could explore similar functionalities to alleviate the issue.

In the meantime, players are left to navigate the current system, finding creative ways to utilize their duplicates and hoping for changes that might make EA Sports FC 24’s Ultimate Team mode more enjoyable and rewarding. The outcome of this debate could have significant implications for the future of the game and its relationship with its player base.