Kai Cenat in hospital after injury during music video shoot

Twitch star Kai Cenat recently had to be hospitalized. He suffered an injury to his lip during the filming... Fragster | 6. December 2023

Twitch star Kai Cenat recently had to be hospitalized. He suffered an injury to his lip during the filming of a music video for his YouTube group “AMP”, but has apparently already recovered.

In the streaming world, Kai is one of the leading personalities and enjoys great popularity, including a successful show with the star IShowSpeed on Rumble.

In addition to his presence on Twitch, where he has gained over 8 million followers and set records for subscriber numbers, Kai is now also making a name for himself in the film industry. He recently appeared in the new film “Good Burger 2”, which can be seen on Paramount Plus. Nonetheless, his latest venture has left him with a serious injury that has left him hospitalized and his followers terrified.

Kai Cenat injures his lip while filming an AMP music video

The popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat was seriously injured while working on a music video for his group AMP and had to be hospitalized. The incident was announced on a Twitter account where Cenat regularly reports on his activities.
Kai Cenat recently had to schedule a hospital visit after the streamer painfully injured his face while filming for a field hockey game. He revealed the cause of his injury during a live stream and reassured his confused viewers.

How did the streamer get injured?

Kai later reported that there was a collision during the physically demanding game. Apparently someone pushed him, but he wouldn’t give a name. He fell and his face hit the ground hard, resulting in a bloody and painful lip injury. The fall damaged his two front teeth and rammed into his lip. Lips in particular always bleed a lot, so the streamer probably got a big scare. It probably looked worse at the time than it actually was, because the streamer apparently didn’t even need stitches. A relief for the fans and it looks like the streamer was “lucky in misfortune”, because a heavy fall on his face could have ended much worse.
However, the interest in the upcoming game GTA 6 apparently helped Kai get over the scare. Kai even joked that he wanted to leave the hospital as soon as possible for the GTA 6 trailer.

Although he was injured, Kai seems to have recovered well from the accident and has already started streaming again, albeit with a small, visible injury to his lip.

Cover Credit: Kai via Twitter @KaiCenat