How to Roam in League of Legends and Dominate the Game

Roaming in League of Legends isn’t just about wandering around the map; it’s a game-changer that can lead your... Aleksandar | 27. February 2024

Roaming in League of Legends isn’t just about wandering around the map; it’s a game-changer that can lead your team to victory. This guide is here to clear up how to roam effectively, whether you’re looking to support your team or take control of the map. 

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to roam in League of Legends and make a big impact. 

We’ll also dive into how to roam as support in League of Legends, a role that’s crucial for turning the tide of the game. So, get ready to level up your gameplay and have some fun along the way.

What Is Roaming?

Roaming is essentially the act of leaving your own lane to assist teammates in other parts of the map. When executed properly, it’s a skill that can apply pressure, create opportunities for your team, and disrupt the enemy’s plans. 

Understanding how to roam in League of Legends is crucial for players who want to make a significant impact on the game’s outcome.

When Should I Roam?

When to roam in league of legends

Knowing the perfect timing to roam can make all the difference. Ideal moments include when your lane opponent is absent, or you’ve pushed the wave to their turret, freeing you up to move without losing much. 

It’s also wise to roam when you see a chance to secure objectives such as Dragon or Rift Herald or to support other lanes that are struggling. Roaming to place or clear vision in the jungle can prevent enemy ganks, keeping your team ahead. 

For those learning how to roam as support in League of Legends, it’s essential to pick moments when your ADC is safe, and you can make a meaningful impact elsewhere.

How to Roam in League of Legends

Roaming in League of Legends is like going on a mini-adventure across the map. It’s your chance to surprise your opponents, help your teammates, and grab some extra advantages along the way. Here’s how to roam effectively and make every journey count.

Pre-roaming Checklist

Perfect roaming in league of legends

Before you embark on your roaming adventure, ensure everything is in order by following this checklist:

  1. Lane position: Look at your own lane. Is it pushed toward the enemy tower, allowing you to leave without losing much? This minimizes the loss of minions and experience.
  2. Teammate lane states: Examine the state of your teammates’ lanes. Are any lanes pushed towards the enemy, presenting a good opportunity for a successful gank? Or perhaps a teammate is being pressured under their tower and could use your help to turn the tide.
  3. Enemy jungler location: Check the minimap for the last known position of the enemy jungler. Knowing their location can prevent you from walking into a trap and turning your roam into a disaster.
  4. Vision and safety: Assess the vision control. Do you have enough wards down to ensure your roam path is safe? If there’s a lack of vision or the enemy jungler could be nearby, consider delaying your roam until you have a clearer picture.

Following this checklist ensures you’re making informed decisions about when and how to roam, keeping risks low and potential rewards high.

Choosing Your Target

Picking where to roam is an art. Look for lanes where your presence could turn the tide – maybe there’s a lane that’s just a bit behind, or an enemy laner is overextending without wards. 

Also, consider the game’s objectives. Is Dragon up soon? Roaming bot could give your team the edge needed to secure it. Or maybe roaming top could help secure Herald. Think about where you can have the most impact, and go for it. 

Remember, the goal of how to roam in League of Legends is not just about getting kills but applying pressure where it’s most needed.

Roaming Routes and Techniques

Roaming Routes and Techniques in lol

The path you take can make or break your roam. Use the jungle and river to your advantage, sneaking through areas where the enemy likely doesn’t have vision. Sometimes, the direct route is the most unexpected. 

Using blast cones and other jungle plants can also add an element of surprise to your roam. And remember, speed is essential – use the most efficient route to get to your target and back to your lane without losing too much. 

Sometimes, the best roam is the one the enemy never sees coming. Keep them guessing, and you’ll keep them on their toes.

How to Roam as a Support in League of Legends

How to Roam as a Support in League of Legends

Roaming as a support in League of Legends isn’t just about wandering the map. It’s a strategic move to tip the scales in your team’s favor. This guide will walk you through the essentials, ensuring your roams have purpose and power. 

By understanding the unique role of support in roaming, identifying the best champions for the job, and executing your moves with finesse, you’ll become a roaming force to be reckoned with.

Role-specific Considerations

For support champions, roaming isn’t a solo mission; it’s a balancing act. Ensuring your ADC’s safety is paramount before you leave the nest. If your ADC can farm safely alone or if you’ve just sent your opponents packing, it’s your cue to explore. 

However, maintaining lane pressure is crucial. Leaving at the wrong time could cost you your tower or give the enemy free reign over your ADC. Measure the situation: is your presence in the lane more valuable than the potential gains elsewhere?

Support Champions Best Suited for Roaming

Some support champions are roaming rockstars designed to make an impact across the map. Thresh overwhelms with his hook and lantern, saving allies or catching enemies. 

Leona, the radiant dawn, brings stunning solar flares to every fight, locking down targets for easy takedowns. Pyke thrives in the shadows, turning ambushes into gold with his bounty-sharing ultimate. 

These champions excel at creating opportunities and swinging the momentum in your team’s favor with their crowd control and mobility.

Executing Support Roams

When you decide to roam, vision is your best friend. Light up the jungle with wards to safeguard your travels and spot potential ambushes. Timing is everything; coordinate with your jungler for double trouble on unsuspecting lanes. 

Remember, your mission is to impact, not just visit. Look for lanes where your arrival could lead to a kill, tower, or Dragon. It’s not just about the gank but what it leads to. Successful roams can turn the tide, setting your team up for victory.

Roaming as a support in League of Legends can dramatically influence the game’s outcome. By mastering these elements, you’ll not only enhance your gameplay but also become a pivotal player on your team.

How to Roam as an ADC in League of Legends

How to Roam as ADC in League of Legends

Roaming as an ADC (Attack Damage Carry) is less common due to your role’s focus on farming and taking down towers. However, strategic roaming can catch opponents off guard. 

Before roaming, ensure your lane is pushed to the enemy tower to minimize the lost farm. Choose moments when your support can handle the lane solo or when you’ve just taken the enemy bot tower so you can go together. 

Roaming to mid is usually the best option, providing additional pressure or securing objectives such as Dragon. Always communicate with your team about your intentions to ensure they can capitalize on your roam.

How to Roam as a Mid-Laner in League of Legends

Mid laners have the most roaming potential due to their central lane position. To roam effectively, push your lane to the enemy tower to force your opponent to farm under the turret, which gives you a window to move. 

Keep an eye on the minimap for opportunities where other lanes are overextended. Vision control in river areas is crucial to navigate and avoid enemy jungle encounters safely. 

Coordinate with your jungler for ganks to double the threat. Successful roams can lead to kills, tower pressure, or objective control, significantly impacting the game’s outcome.

How to Roam as Top-Laner in League of Legends

How to Roam as Top Laner in League of Legends

Top laners usually roam to impact mid-lane or secure objectives such as Rift Herald. Before roaming, ensure your lane is pushed or that you won’t lose significant farm and tower health. 

Teleport plays a crucial role in top-lane roaming, allowing for sudden appearances in other lanes or at important objectives. When the enemy top laner is missing, communicate with your team to counteract potential roams or to take advantage of their absence. 

Roaming as a top laner often requires good judgment and timing to ensure your lane advantage isn’t sacrificed.

Maximizing the Impact of Your Roams

Roaming in League of Legends is like being a superhero on the map: you’re everywhere, saving the day. But even heroes need a plan. 

Maximizing the impact of your roams isn’t just about moving from point A to point B; it’s about doing so with purpose and strategy. 

Let’s dive into how vision control, map awareness, and adapting your strategy can make your roams game-changing.

Vision Control and Map Awareness

Controlling vision is your superpower when roaming. Placing wards in the enemy jungle and river spots gives you a sneak peek into their plans. It’s like having eyes everywhere, letting you catch opponents off-guard or save teammates from ambushes. 

Learn the art of deep warding without getting caught, and keep an eye on the minimap to interpret enemy movements. 

Are they leaning toward Dragon? Is their jungler missing? These clues tell you where to be, and when turning you into the guardian angel, your team didn’t know they needed.

Adapting Your Strategy

Flexibility is key in League of Legends. As the game evolves, so should your roaming strategy. Pay attention to which lanes are winning or struggling and adjust your focus accordingly. Sometimes, it’s not about the kills but applying pressure to relieve teammates or secure objectives. 

If the enemy starts countering your roams with wards or ganks, switch up your routes or focus on clearing vision to keep them guessing. Being unpredictable makes you a formidable roamer, always one step ahead of the opposition.

Mastering how to roam in League of Legends means understanding the game’s flow and adapting to it. With keen vision control and a flexible strategy, you’ll be the roaming force that leads your team to victory, making impactful plays that turn the tide in your favor.

Common Roaming Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes every League of Legends player should avoid when roaming.

Over-roaming and Neglecting Your Lane

Roaming too much can hurt your lane. If you roam a lot, you might miss out on gold and experience from minions. Also, your enemies could destroy your tower if you’re not there to protect it.

It’s essential to find a good balance. Check that your lane is okay before you decide to roam. This way, you can help your team without falling behind in your own lane.

Poor Timing and Lack of Coordination

Timing is everything. Roaming when your team isn’t ready or when the enemy is all set up for an ambush is like jumping into a pool without checking if there’s water. 

Communicate with your teammates before you roam. Is your jungler ready to dive in with you? Does your lane buddy know you’re leaving? 

Syncing up your plans makes sure you’re all attacking at the best moment, making your roams not just good but legendary.

Navigating how to roam in League of Legends means playing smart. Avoid the traps of over-roaming and poor timing to keep your hero status shining bright. With a bit of caution and a lot of coordination, you’ll be the roaming champion your team adores.

The Bottom Line

Roaming in League of Legends is an art that gets better with practice. So, jump into your games and start experimenting with roaming. Every match is a chance to learn something new. 

Engage with the community, share your experiences, and learn from others. Understanding how to roam can significantly boost your game skills. 

Remember, it’s all about practice and learning from each game. Thus, keep roaming, and you’ll see how it improves your overall gameplay in League of Legends.