VALORANT: Monyet joins RRQ after being released from Paper Rex

Cahya “Monyet” Nugraha will now suit up for Indonesian esports powerhouse RRQ. This announcement was made minutes after it... Paolo | 20. May 2024

Cahya “Monyet” Nugraha will now suit up for Indonesian esports powerhouse RRQ.

This announcement was made minutes after it was announced that he has been released from Paper Rex after spending the entirety of VCT Pacific 2024 Stage 1 in reserve.

“We are incredibly excited that Monyet will be back in the server to show the world once again why he was one of the most coveted players in #VCTPacific. Time to bring on Stage 2,” RRQ said in a tweet.

Less than half an hour before, Paper Rex announced in a statement that he is now allowed to explore offers and opportunities, effectively releasing him from the team.

“Cahya is an incredibly talented player and a fierce competitor. As a reserve player, he has always been staying sharp and ready to fill in if any emergencies arose,” PRX Chief Gaming Officer Harley “dsn” Örvall said in a statement. 

“We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have a player like him on our reserve roster. However, Cahya has also expressed his deep desire to actively compete again, and Paper Rex wants to allow him to explore opportunities,” dsn added.

Monyet contributed to Paper Rex’s VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Pacific Stage 1 success through co-streaming the team’s games, garnering strong regional support for both Paper Rex and the VCT Pacific League.

Monyet started his pro VALORANT career as part of NXL esports before spending the longest time with ONIC Esports. He eventually got picked up by Global Esports, eventually teaming up with Kim “t3xture” Na-ra before moving on to replace Wang Jing “Jinggg” Yie’s slot for VCT Pacific 2024 Kickoff and VALORANT Masters Madrid. 

Monyet also set a record during his time in Global Esports, grabbing 39 frags versus DRX during VCT Pacific 2023 – the only player with most kills in a single map on a LAN tournament. He broke the 38 frag record of David “xffero” Monangin during Valorant Champions 2022.

After Masters Madrid, Monyet was benched after Jinggg surprisingly returned to the Paper Rex roster, effectively ending his time with W Gaming.

Monyet is expected to play as part of RRQ’s starting lineup when VCT Pacific 2024 Stage 2 kicks off in June.