Is Ranked Broken in League of Legends?

Competitive gaming can be challenging, where even a single click or command can determine the outcome of a match,... Aleksandar | 28. February 2024

Competitive gaming can be challenging, where even a single click or command can determine the outcome of a match, and players need to rely on their teammates. 

However, the unpredictability of their teammates can often lead to frustration and disappointment. This belief is common among those who regularly play ranked games. 

At the core of this issue lies a question that many gamers ponder: Is the ranked system flawed, or does it simply reflect the unpredictable nature of online gaming?

Trolls and Feeders in Ranked Games

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Some players feel that the process of playing ranked games is a challenging and unrewarding task, mainly because of the presence of trolls and feeders. These players seem to have no interest in winning and instead actively work to undermine their own team’s efforts.

Reports from the front lines of the game suggest that the victories are hard-won and overshadowed by the disruptive behavior of a few bad actors.

One player recounts stories of games ruined by teammates who refuse to play cooperatively, instead becoming deadweights that drag the entire team down, making it nearly impossible to win.

The Path to Climbing the Ranks

Despite the noise of failure and disappointment, some players stand out for their strategic thinking and resilience. Experienced players who have climbed the ranks offer valuable advice:

  • Mute those who spread negativity.
  • Avoid playing with players who have a low chance of succeeding from the beginning.
  • Focus on improving one’s own performance.

They suggest that the path to success in the game is paved with discipline, not engaging with people who try to provoke or distract you, and taking a critical look at your own gameplay. 

The key is to focus on self-improvement, to look inward and refine your strategies, and to remain calm and determined even when facing difficulties.

Beyond the Frustrations

The story unfolds through various experiences, ranging from those who have accepted the unpredictable nature of ranked games and found comfort in alternative modes, such as ARAM, to those who persist without being discouraged by setbacks.

The conversation goes beyond the immediate frustrations and touches on deeper themes such as enjoyment and the ever-changing definition of fun within the game.

For some, the thrill comes from mastering mechanics and strategically outmaneuvering opponents, while for others, fun is redefined by personal achievement and growth.

A Journey of Personal Growth

As the community grapples with the challenges of ranked gameplay, an agreement emerges: the journey is as much about personal growth as it is about climbing the leaderboards. 

The challenges and obstacles faced by players serve to strengthen not only their skills but also their character.

The ranked experience, with all its flaws and frustrations, ultimately reflects the broader human experience – messy and unpredictable but rich with the potential for triumph and self-discovery.