MOUZ Win BetBoom DACHA Belgrade To Claim Back-To-Back Titles

The young prospects of MOUZ continue their reign after permanently signing Ludvig “Brollan” Brolin. After winning ESL Pro League... Owen | 20. May 2024

The young prospects of MOUZ continue their reign after permanently signing Ludvig “Brollan” Brolin. After winning ESL Pro League Season 19, they claimed another trophy just a week later!

The BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024 tournament was a five-day event featuring a $500,000 prize pool. There were only eight participants, and the only top ten teams were MOUZ, Team Spirit, and Virtus.Pro. However, other notable teams included HEROIC, MIBR, and Team Falcons.

As expected, MOUZ and Team Spirit dominated their respective groups, not dropping a single map. However, Virtus.Pro was upset by Team Falcons and faced an early elimination. 

The Playoffs bracket only had room for four teams in a single-elimination format. MOUZ quickly dispatched HEROIC in a quick 2-0 series, and Team Spirit did the same to Team Falcons. These results set up a Best of 5 Grand Final match between the top two teams at the event.

MOUZ had just come from winning ESL Pro League Season 19, where they 3-0’d Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut and Team Vitality very convincingly. However, their opposition for Dacha was Danil “donk” Kryshkovets, who had seemed unstoppable at the event and was averaging a mind-blowing 1.66 rating throughout the event! 

With Team Spirit missing out on essentially every event in April, we haven’t seen Leonid “chopper” Vishnyakov’s squad play for another trophy in a while. However, the series quickly got ugly for the Eastern European lineup.

The first map of the series was Vertigo, MOUZ’s map pick. Team Spirit is known to not be the best team on the map, but with donk rallying the charge, they could make the series very competitive. MOUZ started the map with an 8-3 lead on their T-side campaign, but Team Spirit answered back to take an 11-10 lead. 

However, MOUZ kept their cool under pressure, winning three straight to secure the map 13-11. Donk had posted a 1.49 rating on Vertigo, but three Team Spirit players were on the negative, one being the team’s star AWPer, Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov.

Ancient, the second map, was supposed to be Team Spirit’s home ground. However, MOUZ begged to differ, building a 9-1 lead on their defensive half. The Finnish 17-year-old, Jimi “Jimpphat” Salo, was an iron wall on the CT side, posting a 2.04 rating in the first half. 

Though Team Spirit made the second half somewhat competitive, the deficit was already too large to make a comeback happen. MOUZ took Map 2 with a 13-9 score. Team Spirit’s donk posted his worst rating at this event on Ancient, 1.01. It is still hard to believe that a positive rating is his tournament low. 

Mirage was a very depressing watch for Team Spirit fans. MOUZ utterly dominated their second map pick, as Kamil “siuhy” Szkaradek was not only calling a flawless T-side, but also fragging out of his mind. MOUZ built another 8-1 lead and eventually closed the map 13-4 with almost no issues. 

The singular Pole finished the map with an impressive 2.01 rating, finding 21 kills and having only 9 deaths. However, the biggest concern of the game was Myroslav “zont1x” Plakhotja, donk’s partner in crime from Team Spirit Academy, going 2-17 and completely missing on the server. 

After flying from Malta to Belgrade, MOUZ immediately had to play in another event. This young roster does not seem to suffer from burnout or exhaustion, as they are always hungry for another victory. Their efforts were rewarded with $300,000.

On the other hand, Team Spirit will take home $100,000, and despite the loss, donk was still awarded as the tournament’s MVP with an average rating of 1.47.

All MOUZ players played exceptionally well, but the scoreboard was often spread out, and the victory was a collective team effort.

Header: @sycronecs