LoL: Turret Defense, a game removed by Riot Games

There are numerous deleted chapters in the past League of Legends. Even before its completion, the very name of... Maria | 16. March 2023

There are numerous deleted chapters in the past League of Legends. Even before its completion, the very name of the video game was changed. Many people may not know it, but the game’s original name was “League of Legends: Battle of Fates.”

During the beta, the last name disappeared, and over time, the drawer of deleted items has only grown. Even other characters have undergone such a drastic transformation that we consider them permanently eliminated. Many memes with the “S” in Riot Games meant nothing until recently; however, the company had already launched League of Legends: Turret Defense in 2009.

Riot Games removed League of Legends: Turret Defense from its catalog

League of Legends: Turret Defense was an iPhone and iPod Touch exclusive game released simultaneously as the official version of LoL. Today there are almost no remains of this project. So much so that not even the most reliable historical sources of Riot Games’ video game mention anything about it. We do know that it was made available in 2009 and then withdrawn.

At that time, the company promised to turn it into a flash game available to everyone, although it never fulfilled this commitment, and nobody cared too much about it.

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About LoL: Turret Defense

LoL: Turret Defense was a mobile game that combined strategy with wave defense. The problem arises with the comments at the time.

One of the comments we got was on NineOverTen, where they said that they doubted the quality of the game and the reason that it was free. They criticized that there were no statistics on the damage that could be caused by each type of turret; nor the effects obtained if they were upgraded. In addition, there was a lack of information about the next wave of enemies.

In addition, there were also a lot of other comments from users who were annoyed because the game would randomly close every time they leveled up. On the other hand, they criticized that after level 50, the game was a bit boring and that there were better games of that style.

Even other criticisms are a little harsher, where they said they should invest more money in the game to avoid making such horrible games for iPhone.

The truth is that the second game was not very good, but the cause behind that is that Riot Games only seeks to promote the first game. The idea was to try to get virality in the app store at the time and little else.

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A great videogame creator

Perhaps there was a clear explanation for why the game wasn’t that good. Riot Games published it, but the development of the game was outsourced.

The game was developed by Orange, who hired a student intern to help to create the game. The person in charge was Xavier Fabre, who, in five months, developed the concept, established the mechanics, and balanced the gameplay.

Later, we discovered that this man was a marvel at creating video games; however, when it came to creating LoL: Turret Defense, he was just a student doing his internship.

Fabre started his career as a developer on this small project, worked on another mobile game, and made gradual progress. After that, he produced big titles like Kinect Rush, WiLD, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and others at different companies. However, he then started working at Riot Games as one of the leading creators of Teamfight Tactics; he is currently overseeing the creation of the company’s next video game, which is yet to be announced.

Although Riot spent ten years launching another game after this miniature mobile version, it is still one of the reference companies in the video game market. Currently, their projects are progressing at a good pace. Moreover, if they had not made this second game, they would not have a key employee for the new project in their team.

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