Guide to complete the Loïs Openda POTM SBC in Ligue 1

Right now, all players who wish to add a special version of Loïs Openda to their squads have the... Maria | 26. April 2023

Right now, all players who wish to add a special version of Loïs Openda to their squads have the opportunity; thanks to the SBC of the POTM campaign, they can get their hands on an upgraded card of the player.

All users who want to get the upgraded Loïs Openda card should note that this challenge is limited. The SBC will be available until May 25.

Read on to discover every detail of the Loïs Openda SBC. This way, you can decide if the challenge is worth completing.

All about Loïs Openda’s SBC POTM of Ligue 1

For the new FIFA 23 challenge, the game developers have kept things easy; to get the boosted version of the footballer, you only need to complete two tasks. With so few associated tasks, the completion cost is affordable for all players, especially newbies.

Loïs Openda’s SBC Task List

Task 1: Belgium

In the first task, users must form a squad with at least one player from Belgium and a rating of 83.

Reward: A Premium Player mix pack.

Task 2: Ligue 1

In the second task, users must build a squad with at least one Ligue 1 player and at least one IF with a rating of 84.

Reward: Small Envelope mix of Unique Players.

Cost of Loïs Openda’s SBC

Players who need to buy the material must spend in the first task about 20,000 coins and, in the second task about 49,000 coins. So in total, 69,000 coins are required, but remember that if you have the material in your collection, this cost is much lower.

Loïs Openda’s SBC Reward

The Loïs Openda SBC offers a reward for each completed task, in addition to the main reward, a better version of the Loïs Openda card.

Loïs Openda Statistics

  • Pace: 99
  • Shooting: 89
  • Passing: 83
  • Dribbling: 88
  • Defense: 42
  • Physical: 90

From the stats, he looks like an excellent card, although it may be disappointing that he has not had his natural stars and bad leg upgraded.

He won’t be able to take full advantage of his very good stats by failing these aspects. So throwing off the opposing team’s center backs will not be easy.

However, it should be noted that the card has a perfect rhythm naturally, and using it with chemistry as an artist will be unstoppable as a starter.

On the other hand, for all those searching for an assistant player, Loïs Openda is the ideal one. It can be said that his stats are very good, even more so if we consider the very low challenge completion cost. So we strongly recommend it to all those players who do not have such a big budget. The new Loïs Openda card works very well as a low-cost starter.

Header: EA Sports