Fnatic thrashed Excel but still lost the 1st spot in LEC Spring Split 2022

Fnatic started dominating from the early stage of the match and maintained consistent play throughout the game. Excel tried... Shubh | 7. March 2022

Fnatic started dominating from the early stage of the match and maintained consistent play throughout the game. Excel tried to bounce back but their almost every effort and the aggressive move backfired on them, putting them on backfoot. Fnatic secured the second position in the points table and the team will fight against G2 in the semi-finals.

Fnatic’s performance was phenomenal throughout the tournament and the team dominated almost every other team in the group stage round. The team continued its domination and this time it was Excel esports who suffered the losses caused by Fnatic’s destruction.

Excel esports played fiercely and gave a tough fight to the opponent but their efforts were crushed by aggressive counterattacks by Fnatic. Fnatic was aiming for the top 1st position and winning the match was the only way to get there. Even though the team manages to win the match, the first position still belongs to team Rogue because Rogue won its last match against G2.

Upset crossed 1000 kill mark in LEC

Elias “Upset” Lipp the German botlaner completed his 1000 kills milestone in the match against Excel. This is a significant accomplishment for 22-year-old Upset, considering the high level of competition within the league and giant esports org. matched against each other.

Fnatic and G2 will fight for the ticket to the finals 

Team Fnatic will face mighty G2 in the seminal round and the winner of this round will advance to the finals. Both teams won one match the past two times these two teams faced up against each other.

Fnatic put on a consistent performance throughout the tournament, meanwhile, G2 was seen struggling and failed to remain consistent. It would be a crucial match for both of the teams since the stakes are really high.

The losing squad will move down to the loser bracket and will fight the winner of the Excel vs Vitality battle. Rogue and Misfits will kick off the Spring Playoffs, while Fnatic and G2’s matchup will take place on day two.

Excel Esport vs Vitality, 1st round of Playoff (loser bracket)

Excel esports dominated the last 2 games they played against Vitality. Now, both the teams will go against each other one more time in the first round of playoffs (loser bracket).

Excel and Vitality are two teams that worked hard to make their last weekend in the regular season count. Excel will make its debut in the first playoffs of the organization’s history on day three. Both teams will have to trudge through the lower bracket in their attempt to make it to the Spring Playoffs finals.

The 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs start on March 25 with three best-of-five matchups for round one, and the competition continues into the finals on April 10.