Fnatic extends the contracts of Razork and Humanoid

Fnatic, a stalwart in European League of Legends, has strategically secured the future of its mid-jungle synergy with contract... | 24. November 2023

Fnatic, a stalwart in European League of Legends, has strategically secured the future of its mid-jungle synergy with contract extensions for Ivan “Razork” Martin Diaz and Marek “Humanoid” Brázda. Notably, both players reportedly adjusted their salary expectations, showcasing adaptability amidst the economic challenges prevalent in the current esports landscape. This decision is a poignant response to the industry’s ongoing “esports winter,” which has seen the departure of several organizations.

Razork and Humanoid played pivotal roles in Fnatic’s recent success, standing out in the jungle and mid lane respectively. Despite a challenging Winter and Spring, Fnatic’s resurgence in the Summer Split positioned them as a formidable force in the European league. With most players committed for 2024 and the addition of Korean support Yoon “Jun” Se-jun, Fnatic appears poised for a strong start in the upcoming League of Legends season.

Fnatic’s Strategic Renewal: Securing Razork and Humanoid for Future Triumphs

Fnatic, one of the most established League of Legends teams in Europe, has secured the future of its mid-jungle duo by reportedly signing contract extensions with Ivan “Razork” Martin Diaz and Marek “Humanoid” Brázda. According to Sheep Esports’ Marian Stoica, both players lowered their salary demands due to the current economic state of the League of Legends competition. This move comes amidst the “esports winter” that has pushed multiple organizations out of the industry over this year alone.

Razork and Humanoid have been instrumental in Fnatic’s success this past year, helping to establish the team as one of the best in the European region from the jungle and mid lane positions respectively. Razork was a top talent in the jungle, especially during the 2023 Summer Split, where he posted the third-highest kill share, third-highest first blood rate, and sky-high early game numbers during the regular season, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

Humanoid’s Versatility and Fnatic’s Resurgence: A Recipe for Success

In a similar vein, Humanoid led all LEC mid laners with the highest average damage to champions, destructive early game stats of his own, and the second-highest KDA in the role. He can play a plethora of League champions, making him one of the most flexible players in the league and a perfect fit for FNC as they draw up new plans and playstyles.

Although the Winter and Spring Splits were forgettable by Fnatic’s standards, with the team suffering early exits in both the regular season and groups respectively, they finally warmed up to fighting form during the Summer Split and broke into the upper echelon of the EU league. With most of the players signed on for 2024 and new Korean support Yoon “Jun” Se-jun reportedly on-board, Fnatic could kick off the new League year with a bang.