The 6 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Season 14

Are you ready to dominate the bot lane in League of Legends Season 14? If so, here you’ll discover... Aleksandar | 9. February 2024

Are you ready to dominate the bot lane in League of Legends Season 14? If so, here you’ll discover the best bot lane duos, updated with the latest champion and item changes for unmatched synergy and lane control.

This guide highlights pairs that shine above the rest, thanks to recent enhancements boosting their gameplay. These bot lane combos are ideal for players eager to climb the ranks. Let’s delve into the top combinations that promise victory through strategic play and powerful partnerships.

The Best Bot Lane Duos in Season 14

Do you want to win more games with your friend? Well, make sure to go through each of these duos to find out what suits you and your friend to win more matches. If you’re looking for the best duo bot lane combo, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started.

1. Ezreal & Yuumi

Ezreal and Yuumi Best Duo Bot Lane Combo

Thanks to big updates and synergistic item builds, Ezreal and Yuumi are the best duo bot lane combo in League of Legends Season 14.

Ezreal has received substantial buffs to his Q (Mystic Shot), W (Essence Flux), and R (Trueshot Barrage), which greatly boost his poke and burst capabilities. These enhancements make him more lethal in the bot lane, particularly when his attacks are augmented by Yuumi’s skills.

Yuumi complements Ezreal by enhancing his sustain and damage output. Her ability to attach to Ezreal keeps her safe from harm and provides him with adaptive bonuses and crucial healing. This combination makes the duo extremely challenging to push out of the lane and allows them to poke down opponents effectively.

Here are some recommended items for Ezreal:

  • Experimental Hexplate allows him to use his ultimate move more frequently.
  • Terminus enhances his on-hit build and Q poke.
  • Caster’s Companion offers additional burst potential with his abilities.

Here are some recommended items for Yuumi:

  • Dawncore boosts her heal and shield power.
  • Dream Maker provides damage reduction bubbles and bonus magic damage.
  • Echoes of Helia increases lane sustain and damage in skirmishes.

2. Jhin & Nami

Jhin and Nami Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends

Nami and Jhin form an exceptionally powerful and strategic bot lane duo, benefiting from recent item adjustments and their innate synergy.

Jhin’s gameplay, particularly his critical fourth shot from Whisper, gains a significant edge with the latest attack damage (AD) and attack speed item changes. These adjustments allow him to maximize his burst damage, making every fourth shot a deadly threat to opponents.

Nami’s abilities further augment Jhin’s lethality. Her Tidecaller’s Blessing (E) not only boosts Jhin’s attacks with additional magic damage but also applies a slow, making his targets easier to hit.

Moreover, her versatile kit, including crowd control (CC) capabilities with Aqua Prison (Q) and Tidal Wave (R), sets up Jhin for easy picks or disengages, enhancing their control over the lane.

Here are some recommended items for Jhin:

  • Profane Hydra is good for finishing off lower-health enemies.
  • Hubris is suitable for stacking AD and enhancing late-game scaling.
  • Opportunity provides movement speed and lethality, which are crucial for positioning.

Here are some recommended items for Nami:

  • Dawncore enhances her healing and shielding capabilities.
  • Solstice Sleigh is perfect for champions with slows, complementing her E.
  • Dream Maker offers additional protection and enhances her ally’s survivability and poke.

3. Miss Fortune & Leona

Miss Fortune and Leona Bot Lane Duo in LoL

Miss Fortune and Leona is arguably the best duo bot lane combo in League of Legends Season 14, offering a mix of lethal area-of-effect (AoE) damage and robust crowd control (CC).

Miss Fortune’s recent buffs have greatly improved her lethality and AD scaling, making her burst damage more formidable. Combined with Leona’s unparalleled ability to lock down opponents with her CC, they create a synergy that’s hard to counter.

Leona’s engagement tools, including her Zenith Blade (E) and Solar Flare (R), perfectly set up Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time (R), allowing for devastating AoE damage across multiple enemies. This duo excels in starting fights, securing kills, and controlling the pace of the lane.

Here are some recommended items for Miss Fortune:

  • Profane Hydra maximizes damage against low-health targets.
  • Terminus enhances on-hit effects, perfect for her Love Tap passive.
  • Experimental Hexplate reduces her ultimate cooldown for more frequent use.

Here are some recommended items for Leona:

  • Celestial Opposition increases her tankiness and CC effectiveness.
  • Trailblazer provides added mobility for engaging or peeling.
  • Hollow Radiance/Kaenic Rookern offers magic resistance, which is crucial for tanking in AP-heavy matchups.

4. Kai’Sa & Nautilus

Kai'sa and Nautilus from League of Legends

Kai’Sa and Nautilus emerge as a formidable duo in the bot lane, combining high assassination potential with solid crowd control and tankiness. 

Season 14’s adjustments to Kai’Sa’s hybrid damage scaling enhance her ability to deal explosive damage, while Nautilus’s extensive CC arsenal ensures enemies can’t easily escape their grasp.

Nautilus excels in initiating combat with his Dredge Line (Q) and Depth Charge (R), creating perfect opportunities for Kai’Sa to dive in with Killer Instinct (R) and secure kills. This synergy allows them to dominate the lane and exert significant pressure during team fights.

Here are some recommended items for Kai’Sa:

  • Experimental Hexplate is good for reducing her ultimate’s cooldown, which is crucial for repositioning and following up on Nautilus’s engagements.
  • Terminus enhances her passive’s on-hit damage, synergizing well with her hybrid build.
  • Caster’s Companion offers additional bursts to capitalize on her ability damage.

Here are some recommended items for Nautilus:

  • Celestial Opposition boosts his tankiness and CC duration, making him an unyielding frontline.
  • Trailblazer provides enhanced mobility to engage or peel effectively.
  • Unending Despair increases his sustain and allows him to stay in fights longer and protect Kai’Sa.

5. Varus & Thresh

Varus and Thresh good duo in lol

Varus and Thresh rank among the best bot lane duos in League of Legends Season 14, combining Varus’s potent AD and attack speed capabilities with Thresh’s unmatched versatility in engagement and protection.

The recent item changes have significantly boosted Varus’s performance, enhancing his ability to deliver high damage and control the lane with precision. Thresh’s toolkit offers everything Varus needs to excel: peel to keep enemies at bay, engage options to initiate fights, and disengage abilities to escape unfavorable encounters.

This synergy allows them to adapt their strategy based on the lane dynamics and the overall flow of the game.

Here are some recommended items for Varus:

  • Terminus boosts his on-hit effects, perfect for his Piercing Arrow (Q) and Hail of Arrows (E).
  • Experimental Hexplate reduces cooldowns to ensure his ult is ready for critical engagements.
  • Stormsurge provides mobility and burst damage, enhancing his ability to capitalize on Thresh’s setups.

Here are some recommended items for Thresh:

  • Celestial Opposition increases his durability and the effectiveness of his CC.
  • Trailblazers offers mobility to catch opponents or retreat swiftly.
  • Solstice Sleigh enhances his slowness and utility, making his CC even more formidable.

6. Senna & Tahm Kench

Senna and Tahm Kench Bot Lane Duo in League of Legends

Senna and Tahm Kench create a unique and resilient duo in the bot lane, benefiting greatly from the latest sustain item adjustments and their innate abilities.

With her unique scaling and potent long-range capabilities, Senna offers both damage and healing, making her a versatile threat. Tahm Kench complements her with his exceptional protective skills, able to reposition both himself and Senna to ensure safety and capitalize on offensive opportunities.

The adjustments to sustain items have further empowered Senna, enhancing her already formidable laning phase and late-game scaling. Tahm Kench’s role as a guardian is pivotal, using his Devour (W) to shield Senna from incoming threats, allowing her to freely deal damage and heal allies.

Here are some recommended items for Senna:

  • Bloodsong enhances her scaling and sustain.
  • Dawncore boosts healing and shielding power.
  • Dream Maker offers additional utility and protection.

Here are some recommended items for Tahm Kench:

  • Celestial Opposition increases his tankiness and enhances his CC capabilities.
  • Trailblazer provides added mobility for engaging or escaping.
  • Unending Despair bolsters his health and sustains him, ensuring he remains a durable frontline.

Final Thoughts

The Season 14 updates have transformed the game entirely, introducing fresh strategies for the best bot lane duos. Players can enhance their gameplay and progress through the ranks by keeping up with these changes and carefully selecting items.

Choosing the best duo bot lane combo is key to mastering the game. With the right partnership, you can dominate the League of Legends bot lane and enjoy success this season.