FlyQuest drop VicLa and Ssong

While it is true that we are not yet officially in the offseason of the professional League of Legends... Eduardo | 10. September 2023

While it is true that we are not yet officially in the offseason of the professional League of Legends scene, many of the teams that did not get their tickets to Worlds 2023 are starting to make changes in their squads. This time, FlyQuest announced the departure of Lee “VicLa” Dae-kwang (Mid Laner) and Kim “Ssong” Sang-soo (Coach) from the organization.

While the team performed well, especially in the Spring Split, their performance in the Summer Split was not as expected, and, as a result, they are now starting a revamp of their roster.

FlyQuest announce the departure of VicLa and Ssong

Through a statement on their Twitter account, the North American organization FlyQuest announced the departure of VicLa and Ssong from their League of Legends squad.

As we see, the organization gave all their thanks to the Korean duo for their passion and dedication, but the team must make radical changes in their team at this time of the team organizing the plans for the next season. In addition, it is not clear who will replace VicLa and Ssong in the team, but there are still many months before the start of the next season, so there is enough time for that.

About VicLa and Ssong

VicLa comes from LCK’s KT Rolster, and Ssong was the DRX coach who won Worlds 2022, and both decided to take the big leap to join FlyQuest’s new project before the start of the 2023 season. Many even tipped FQ as favorites this season, as the squad they assembled was full of stars and excellent players.

The reality is that they were very close to winning the championship trophy, as they achieved a 14-4 record in the regular season of the Spring Split. However, the team lost to Golden Guardians in the playoffs to fall just one win short of qualifying for MSI 2023.

It is also worth noting that this is the closest FQ has come to success this season, as in the Summer Split, the team had a terrible performance, which led them to open the regular season with a terrible 0-6 record. In addition, VicLa decreased their level, becoming one of the worst mid-laners in terms of KDA in the LCS.

Finally, FQ finished the Summer Split with a 6-12 record and were out of the playoffs. As a result, after comparing the team’s performances in both Spring and Summer, this type of lineup change was completely expected.

Likewise, it is worth noting that VicLa’s career is still far from over in the competitive LoL scene, as the player is only 19 years old and could sign for any team. However, he will have to look for a new home in the LCS or, in any case, return to South Korea to the LCK.

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