Fluxo to skip next tournament after underwhelming Paris Major performance

Fluxo went to BLAST.tv Paris Major with high ambitions. Qualifying for a CS:GO Major is a long and difficult... Radu M. | 13. May 2023

Fluxo went to BLAST.tv Paris Major with high ambitions. Qualifying for a CS:GO Major is a long and difficult process. It can also be quite expensive. This is a Brazilian team that needs to send an entire group of people to Paris and the rewards for the 23rd-24th place are just $10.000.

Compared to other tournaments, the Paris Major actually gives a lot of money to the worst-performing teams. But it’s still quite little compared to what the costs are and we haven’t even calculated the player salaries.

Arguably, CS:GO Majors are one of the half-a-dozen big opportunities for esports clubs to make money throughout the season. Missing such opportunities and playing in a way that leaves fans completely disappointed is unacceptable.

Fluxo’s Paris Major results

Fluxo started the Paris Major with a humiliating defeat against paiN Gaming: 16-2. The match was followed by another poor result, this time against Monte: 16-8.

In their third match, Fluxo played against Team Liquid, who were extremely motivated to win because they were themselves 0 W – 2 L at that point. The Brazilians started with a victory on Nuke (11-16), followed by a solid performance on Inferno (16-14) and Ancient (16-13). But in the end, Liquid won and eliminated them.

For the team coached by Wilton “zews” Prado, who used to win S-tier trophies with Luminosity Gaming, SK Gaming, and Team Liquid, this early elimination must have hurt. The expectation was that Fluxo would at least play in the Legends Stage and finish in the top 12.

The potential for such a result was definitely there, despite all the big names that ended up competing in the Challengers Stage. But instead of achieving their goal or at least failing by a little, Fluxo failed completely and left the tournament without winning a single match.

For the future of the team, this is bad and will likely lead to roster changes. In a best-case scenario, the players will need to train hard for the next few months and then compete again with better results.

Fluxo’s decision

Fluxo will now “rest and reset” until significant improvements are made. This essentially means that costs will be minimized for the foreseeable future and then another attempt will be made. One thing is clear: nobody wants to send a group of people to tournaments just to get humiliated and obtain nothing in return.

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