Tobi Departs From Tundra Esports, RAMZES666 To Step In Temporarily

Western European organization Tundra Esports has announced the removal of Tobias “Tobi” Buchner from the Dota 2 active roster.... Owen | 15. May 2024

Western European organization Tundra Esports has announced the removal of Tobias “Tobi” Buchner from the Dota 2 active roster. Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev will occupy the position in the meantime.

Despite qualifying for it fair and square, Tundra Esports decided to skip the ongoing PGL Wallachia Season 1 tournament. Before the tournament, fans thought the decision was due to Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko and Edgar “9Class” Naltakian possibly failing to secure their visas in time to fly to Romania.

However, the organization made a shocking announcement that they had let go of the team’s offlaner, Tobi, who had only been on the team for around two months. The 27-year-old was recruited to the team after Tundra lost Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov due to internal roster issues. 

Together with Tobi, the star-studded lineup began showing signs of improvement and flew to their first LAN tournament, ESL One Birmingham 2024. Despite being a two-month-old team, Tundra Esports exceeded expectations, finishing third place at such a prestigious event. They also took a series against the best team in the world, Team Falcons, in the Playoffs. 

Still, most community members thought Tobi remained the weak link in the squad. Most of Tundra’s victories were off the back of Pure overperforming, and the sky was the limit for this team’s potential. As a result, Tobi’s tenure at Tundra comes to an early conclusion, as he has been let go from the team. 

Before committing to fielding a permanent offlaner, Tundra Esports has called in RAMZES666 to fill the shoes in the meantime. The star CIS player is currently playing the carry role in the L1ga Team, a project he started, so it is hard to believe he would abandon his team this quickly. RAMZES666 will be playing in the offlane role, as Pure will remain the team’s position 1 player.

Tundra’s next gig is DreamLeague Season 23, a $1,000,000 event held online. There are a total of twelve teams, and the tournament will run from May 20 to 26. It will be interesting to see if the Western European squad can quickly adapt to the circumstances and if they finish another tournament within the top three. 

Fans are concerned that this iteration of the roster does not have the most well-behaved players in the scene. There could be a clash of personalities that may steer the direction of the ship South. 

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