Valve reveals Dota 2’s upcoming Hero: “The Ringmaster”

A clip for the new Dota 2 Hero Ringmaster, who will debut in Dota 2 in 2024, was shown... Shubh | 30. October 2023

A clip for the new Dota 2 Hero Ringmaster, who will debut in Dota 2 in 2024, was shown by Valve on the last day of The International 2023.

Before the TI12 Grand Finals, Valve teased fans with the first look at the forthcoming Dota 2 hero, sending both the stadium and the internet into a frenzy of anticipation. Ringmaster is the 125th Hero to enter Dota 2, and the developer has released a short clip for him.

As the name implies, the Ringmaster appears to be in charge of a circus and is looking to recruit or trap other heroes to be part of his circus. In the teaser, Ringmaster deceives Axe into thinking he’s taking part in a strength test to trap him.

As he attacks Ringmaster with his stuck axe, a machine opens out, capturing Axe and dragging him away—possibly to work in the circus. Even if the film left out details about the hero’s abilities, it still gives an interesting peek into the new hero’s design, which was enough for fans to create new theories about the new Hero’s abilities.

Ringmaster’s Ability:

Because of Ringmaster’s moniker and the talent displayed in the teaser, people assumed the main character would be based on Heroes of Newerth’s Puppet Master. This similarity has sparked curiosity and speculation about the potential abilities and gameplay aspects of the next hero. The puppet master in Heroes of Newerth was well known for his ability to manipulate opponents and effectively transform them into puppets.

As seen in the teaser trailer, Ringmaster can also directly manipulate neutral creeps or animate mechanical duplicates of them to entice heroes. It’s also believed that the hero will be able to construct a sizable building to trap and entangle enemies, like the Undying’s Tombstone.

It’s possible that Valve was influenced by the puppet master’s control-based playstyle given The Ringmaster’s circus theme and the announcement’s clues. If so, in addition to utilizing puppets to attack his opponents, the Ringmaster would also be able to taunt and tie them. In any case, more information on the hero’s capabilities won’t be available until 2024.

Ringmaster’s release date:

Valve did not specify when Ringmaster will be unveiled next year. However, the release schedule for the game’s most recent hero, Muerta, suggests that Ringmaster’s release may take at least a few months. Muerta was first teased on the last day of TI 2022 in October before getting an official release in the game four months later along with the 7.32e update.

Header: Valve