Imperial and M80 are the first eliminated from Group C of ESL Pro League S18

The ESL Pro League Group C actions continue in full swing, and the teams are trying to fulfill the... Eduardo | 17. September 2023

The ESL Pro League Group C actions continue in full swing, and the teams are trying to fulfill the goal of qualifying for the playoffs. However, after 3 days of intense competitions, we already know the first two eliminated from the group, Imperial Esports and M80.

As a result, we have two teams from the American continent leaving the competition after losing in their first matches of the Lower Bracket. On the part of M80, the team left without winning a single match and even failed to win a single map, so it was a difficult performance for the NA squad. On the other hand, Imperial suffered a lot in this tournament, as they let a map that was 14-5 in their favor come back, which demoralized them for the rest of the series.

Likewise, we must highlight 9z Team and 5yclone, who are still alive in the tournament and will continue to fight for the fourth and final playoff spot in Group C of the ESL Pro League S18.

Let’s see what happened in the matches of Imperial and M80 on the previous day of the ESL Pro League S18.

9z Team beat M80 to stay alive in the Lower Bracket

The South American squad got an excellent 2-0 victory to stay alive in the ESL Pro League S18 Group C Lower Bracket. M80 could not do much more, even though they were close on both maps. However, 9z had the determination to take two big wins.

It all started on Nuke, 9z’s map pick, where we enjoyed a back-and-forth match from the beginning. The South American squad started very well in the first half by taking a tight 8-7 win on their T Side. However, at the change of sides, M80 stayed in the game and came close to pulling off the upset. Finally, the 9z Team took a close 16-14 win to open the series confidently.

Then, the teams moved to Inferno, M80’s map pick, where we enjoyed a really intense and exciting match for the second map in a row. However, this time, it was the M80 boys who started on the right foot to take an 8-7 partial victory on their T Side. However, this only made 9z wake up, as the team’s offense was intense, and they managed to turn the score around to take the victory by 16-13.

5yclone destroy Imperial Esports 2-1

In the day’s last match, we witnessed a spectacular comeback by the Chinese 5yclone, as the team was on the ropes in the first map. However, they could react to get back on the scoreboard after trailing 5-14. Undoubtedly, this helped the team to have a better performance and, above all, a good series.

It all started in Nuke, 5yclone’s map pick, where we saw a completely different match in the first and second half. The Brazilian squad started with everything in their CT Side and achieved an excellent partial victory by 10-5. Then, at the change of sides, Imperial quickly won the first 4 rounds to be 14-5 ahead on the scoreboard. However, the Chinese squad did not give up, and after winning 11 consecutive rounds, they returned and took the victory by 16-14.

Then, in the second map, Anubis, Imperial Esports started again with a devastating pace and level of play to take an excellent partial victory in the first half by 11-4. Finally, unlike the first map, the Brazilian squad avoided all kinds of problems in their map pick and took a solid 16-14 victory to even the series 1-1.


In Overpass, we saw a very balanced match, but only in the first half, where Imperial took a first-half victory by 8-7 for the third consecutive map. However, as in the first map, the 5yclone boys woke up in great shape at the change of sides and managed to win 9 of the 11 rounds played to take the victory by 16-10. As a result, 5yclone stays alive in the Lower Bracket, while Imperial said goodbye to the tournament.

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