FACEIT announces CS2 Season 1 with $100,000 in prizes

The wait is over, and CS2 is now available on Steam for all players free of charge; there is... Eduardo | 29. September 2023

The wait is over, and CS2 is now available on Steam for all players free of charge; there is no doubt that this only indicates that a new era in the history of Valve’s shooter has begun.

Likewise, the arrival of CS2 is more than just a “new era” or an “update” to CS:GO; it is a new chapter and may be the first for many aspiring players to play at the highest competitive level. However, in this tough journey to become a CS pro, we all know that the “best friend” platform for players is FACEIT.

In FACEIT, players hone all their skills by playing against opponents of the same level and even against great players. In addition, FACEIT officially announced the arrival of CS2 Season 1, with $100,000 in prizes.

FACEIT announces CS2 Season 1 with $100,000 in prizes

Through a post on their official Twitter/X account, FACEIT announced the start of CS Season 1, where they will have a juicy prize pool of $100,000. In addition, they also announced that Season 1 culminates with the FPL Proving Grounds, and the prize to be distributed becomes the largest amount in a “public matchmaking” system.

The release refers to the fact that the top 125 “Challenger” players, the new rank coming in this CS2 both in South America, North America, and Europe, will be invited to play different regional Proving Ground events.

On the other hand, it is also fair to mention that the best players of the FPL Proving Grounds, specifically the TOP 3, will have a direct invitation to the FACEIT Pro League. Let’s remember that this is a solo league that only admits the best players of the platform and that, in addition, has more than $50,000 in prizes to be distributed monthly.

Likewise, these three players who advance to the FACEIT Pro League will receive a “monthly stipend” to support them on their way to becoming professional CS2 players.

FACEIT is the proving ground for pro players

Undoubtedly, all of us who play CS:GO opted for FACEIT when Valve’s official MM became plagued with cheaters and many problems.

In addition, this platform is also the testing ground for all the professional players currently competing at the highest level. Recall that players like Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, and Robin “ropz” Kool play on FACEIT 24/7 when they are not practicing with their teams.

Even m0NESY, the G2 Esports wunderkind, ended the CS:GO era with the highest ELO in FACEIT.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that CS2 Season 1 in FACEIT will last for four months, and after the end of each season, there will be a “slight” ELO recalibration.

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