ESL’s Game and Glory CS:GO documentary revealed

ESL, in partnership with the giant British company, BBC Studios, will launch on January 24 the documentary entitled “Game... Eduardo | 10. January 2023

ESL, in partnership with the giant British company, BBC Studios, will launch on January 24 the documentary entitled “Game and Glory,” which will bring unpublished details of everything that happened in the spectacular IEM Rio Major 2022.

According to the official information, the company committed to releasing this documentary on January 24, 2023. Also, it released a 30-second trailer with some quotes from Casper “cadiaN” Møller, captain of Heroic, and Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato, the star of FURIA.

Game and Glory is not the first

ESL is no stranger to this type of content, as not long ago, the company produced the work “Desist Never,” in which they told details of the growth of CS:GO in Brazil after the IEM Rio Major 2022.

The documentary “Game and Glory” was announced in October 2022, before the IEM Rio Major took place. At that time, CS:GO fans were invited to share their stories with the BBC and ESL Gaming so that the community would have the opportunity to be part of the documentary.

Michał “Carmac” Blichiarz, Vice President of Pro Gaming at ESL Gaming said.

“The goal is to have the right level of storytelling around the CS:GO Major, as the event was “unprecedented in scale” for ESL.”

Similarly, little is known about the documentary, other than that it will include some essential players who participated in the Major. Despite being a collaboration between ESL Gaming and BBC Studios, this documentary will not be available through the BBC’s TV channels and platforms. It will only be available on one of ESL’s YouTube channels.

The expectation around this documentary is huge

There is no doubt that the expectations around this documentary are very high. It will be fascinating to see what BBC Studios can do if covering a tournament of such magnitude and working with ESL. We are sure that many fans are waiting for this documentary to get an insider’s view of such an important tournament.

On the other hand, the BBC is not the first time it has participated in producing an esports documentary. This company created a documentary series with EXCEL ESPORTS called Fight for First: Excel Esports. In addition, they have also broadcasted many esports events, such as the FIFA 21 Global Series qualifiers.

Unlike the upcoming collaboration with ESL, Fight for First premiered through the BBC’s official channels.

There is no doubt that audiovisual materials are critical today for organizations to succeed. The BBC and ESL Gaming know this, and with the impressive streaming peaks of recent CS:GO tournaments, they do not doubt that Game and Glory will succeed.