CS:GO Releases New Fracture Weapons Case & Map Updates

In a move that has excited many fans, CS:GO has released its second new weapons case of the year,... Jamie | 13. August 2020

In a move that has excited many fans, CS:GO has released its second new weapons case of the year, along with some highly anticipated map updates. The first update of its kind since the Prisma 2 case back in March, the new Fracture case comes with a total of 17 finishes, including the CT M4A4 and T AK-47. On top of this, the case also features skins for the Glock and P2000.

Using the background from the Operation Shattered Web in 2019, the case was expected by many to be that operations second case, however images from the official CS:GO blog download demonstrate why shattered web knives also feature as rare and special drops.

The new fracture case

How Will New Map Updates Effect Gameplay?

The latest CS:GO maps, Mutiny and Swamp, have also both received updates alongside the newest case, while more minor changes were made to Anubis. The distance of Mutiny is perhaps the biggest change, while the map will also now fade in order to improve its performance and alter its ivy models. Meanwhile, when it comes to gameplay, the A Site of the map has been lowered, while changes are also found surrounding the rock formation from T spawn to A, hopefully allowing for a more diverse execute, along with additional angles for the use of grenades.

While Swap’s notes are less detailed than before, they do include outstanding FPS, as well as the replacement of the water that is one of the main features of the map. Perhaps little should be made of the fact that Swamp’s notes were less detailed, with this most likely mean that the creators are willing to describe alterations made, instead of there being fewer overall fixes.

What Does the New Fracture Case Mean for CS:GO?

The latest fracture case is in line with CS:GO’s content release brackets over recent years, keeping the game on track for another potential operation in the near future. However, fans of the game may have to wait for a little while longer, with a new operation likely to be impacted by a holdover from the original operation that finished in March this year. Almost all media created by the CS:GO blog comes under the bracket of Shattered Web 2, which says something in itself.