Doublelift Shakes up the League Scene: New Drama Unfolds!

Doublelift ignites fresh drama in the League scene, proving there’s never a dull moment with him around. Known for... Aleksandar | 11. March 2024

Doublelift ignites fresh drama in the League scene, proving there’s never a dull moment with him around.

Known for his fearless comments and never shying away from a little controversy, Doublelift is back at it, stirring up the pot and keeping the gaming community on its toes.

The Heart of the Drama

Doublelift, a legend in the League scene and a former player for teams such as TSM and Team Liquid, has always had a knack for making headlines. 

This time, he’s turned the spotlight on Team Liquid’s General Manager, Dodo. What’s the problem? They didn’t agree on who should be on the team.

Doublelift, who’s now rocking it as a co-streamer, shared some insights from his past with Team Liquid during one of his live game commentaries. 

He had specific ideas about who he wanted as teammates, including the talented Jojopyun. However, it seems his hopes didn’t quite align with Team Liquid’s plans, leading to a series of events that have everyone talking.

The Plot Thickens

What’s a story without a twist? Doublelift revealed that he had discussed his team vision with Jojopyun, hinting that Team Liquid might reach out. 

However, according to Doublelift, Dodo didn’t follow through initially. The situation got more tangled when Jojopyun did end up chatting with Dodo, only to hear that Doublelift’s place in the team hinged on Dodo’s position as GM.

The drama didn’t stop there. After this revelation, Dodo extended a personal apology to Doublelift for the mishandling of the situation. But with Doublelift bringing these details to light, the community is buzzing, questioning the dynamics within Team Liquid’s management.

Team Liquid’s Response

[Dodo] DL decided to share wrong information saying I changed stories to Steve and blocked stuff. Steve and I work together all off-season, and we are very transparent with each other through the process.
byu/Tortious_Tortoise inteamliquid

Dodo, from Team Liquid, posted a subreddit online to clear things up. He said he doesn’t usually share private stuff but wanted to make sure Doublelift’s wrong stories didn’t confuse anyone. 

Dodo talked a lot with Jojopyun about joining the team, but Jojopyun decided to go with another team because he wanted to play with a specific player, not just Doublelift. Also, Dodo said he and Doublelift chatted a few times, but things didn’t work out.

Additionally, Dodo mentioned that it’s a bummer that Doublelift is sharing these stories. He also said that he and Steve, another big name at Team Liquid, always work together well. They were open with each other about how the team was built during the off-season.

Even though Team Liquid didn’t do great in a recent game, Dodo promised they’re getting ready for the next one. He ended by saying he hopes fans keep supporting them as they try to do better in future games.

What’s Next?

Doublelift’s response to TL Dodo
byu/MissingLastPiece inteamliquid

After Dodo tried to set the record straight, Doublelift fired back with his own take. He’s standing firm, claiming Dodo wasn’t telling the truth. 

In fact, Doublelift suggests that there was a time when Dodo wasn’t part of Team Liquid. That’s not all – Doublelift says the guy who manages Jojopyun kept messaging him, wondering why Dodo wasn’t saying anything.

This whole thing isn’t looking great for Team Liquid. Their gameplay has had some ups and downs, and now it seems like their team staff might not be on the same page. 

Doublelift is holding back from sharing more stuff, which he says would prove his point, and trying not to pull more people into the fray.

Call for Unity Among Team Liquid Supporters

Can everyone just chill out
byu/pacemaker95 inteamliquid

In the midst of the ongoing drama, a voice of reason emerged from the Team Liquid fan community. A post from a supporter on the team’s subreddit made a call for calm. 

The message was clear: let’s take it easy. The post highlighted how Doublelift, a favorite for many, has a lot of support, and because of that, some fans have been hard on Dodo, APA, and Yeon.

But things have gone too far – Dodo’s been getting death threats, and that’s not okay. The fan pointed out that the reactions are really tough after losses but pretty quiet when the team wins. This isn’t fair, and it’s not what being a fan is about.

Being a true supporter means standing by the team in good times and bad. It’s about showing up, not just with criticism but with encouragement, too. 

It’s about having faith and backing the team through it all. The fan’s message is a reminder that at the end of the day, it’s a game, and it should bring us together, not tear us apart.