Activision postpones the Combat Records indefinitely in Warzone 2

It is not yet a month since the official release of Warzone 2. Activision, as it has become accustomed... Eduardo | 14. December 2022

It is not yet a month since the official release of Warzone 2. Activision, as it has become accustomed to throughout its titles, has released further updates to the game to improve the experience for fans.

As in all new games, problems have been corrected, as well as performance improvements on the different platforms.

Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded

As we have mentioned in another of our articles, the new Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded update is coming out today, December 14, 2022. It will bring new features, bug fixes, and balancing on some weapons.

The Combat Records feature was also supposed to be included in this new update, but the developers have changed their minds at the last moment citing unforeseen problems.

Combat Records Postponed

With just a few hours to go before we have the new Warzone 2 update with us, the Combat Records feature has been postponed indefinitely by Activision due to the accuracy of the data population.

This means that Infinity Ward has not been able to gather the data they need to present the ranking statistics accurately.

Likewise, this announcement may not surprise many, as, at the time of their official statement, the developers mentioned that since the release of Warzone 2, they had not tracked the game’s stats.

So, the stats you may have achieved concerning W/L, K/D, and the rest of them have not been officially recorded on the Call of Duty servers since the game’s launch last November 16, until today, December 14.

Community dissatisfaction

The fact that individual player statistics have not yet been recorded has caused a backlash and bewilderment in the Call of Duty-loving community, even more so after the unexpected delay of the Combat Records feature.

Activision has not explained whether player statistics will begin to be recorded as of this December 14 update or if we will still have to wait a certain amount for this Combat Records feature to be implemented.

Currently, players do not have the option to consult their statistics in the game, so they depend exclusively on the developers to communicate the tracking of victories, deaths, and the rest of the statistics through an image.

There are no dates yet regarding the inclusion of this function

Yes, one of the updates that fans have been waiting for the most will have to wait a little longer since, at the moment, it is not yet known when Activision will include this feature in the game.

According to the developers, they are still working hard to include it in an update as soon as possible.

The next major update for Warzone 2 will be in February 2023, when season 2 will be released. However, players believe this feature will come in minor updates before this date.

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