Dota 2 Patch 7.35d Item Changes

Dota 2 patch 7.35d brought many item changes that can significantly alter your playstyle and item builds. In this... Radu M. | 1. April 2024

Dota 2 patch 7.35d brought many item changes that can significantly alter your playstyle and item builds. In this guide, I will explore those changes and provide a brief analysis of them.

Regular Items

Here are the changes that were made to regular Dota 2 items:

Black King Bar

Dota 2 Defensive Items 5

The cooldown of Black King Bar is now 95s instead of 90s. This item is starting to look quite bad. If you can get away with stats and status resistance, it’s probably better to become tankier at this point than to buy a BKB.

Another option is to buy yourself a Linken’s Sphere or even a Lotus Orb. Both items provide excellent protection against debuffs and spells, and their cooldown is much lower. Linken’s Sphere has a cooldown of 12s, while Lotus Orb has a cooldown of 15s.

The reason why Lotus orb is a bit more attractive is that its active lasts for 6s while the cost is almost 1000 gold lower than that of Linken’s. The stats provided by this item are amazing. They’re arguably better than those provided by Linken’s.

The +10 armor is the equivalent of +60% effective HP against physical damage. Other than that, you get excellent HP regen, mana regen, and +250 mana. The recipe costs just 250 gold. This is an item that doesn’t just passively block spells. It reflects them back to the attacker, breaking combinations with ease.

Another great benefit of Lotus Orb is that it applies a dispel that removes lots of debuffs. Its 6s duration is the equivalent of a completely used BKB.

Divine Rapier

This is another item that was changed massively with the purpose of making it more balanced. The +25% spell amp has been removed and replaced with the option of getting +25% spell amp at the cost of 250 bonus damage. By default, the item gives you just 100 damage and you can toggle between a +250 damage bonus and a +25% spell amp bonus.

Needless to say, this will cause a lot of heroes to stop considering the item. The benefits are relatively small compared to the risks.

Eye of Skadi

This item now gives you +250 HP and mana instead of +220. That’s a total of 60 additional HP and mana, which is roughly the equivalent of 1.5 strength and 2.5 intelligence. Will it make a big difference? Probably now.

Helm of the Dominator

Now you get the gold bounty of the dominated creep. Instead of just turning it into your own pet, you get gold for the conversion. This way, you no longer feel like you’re losing a substantial amount of gold when using the item.

The same thing applies to Helm of the Overlord.


The proc chance of the item’s Pierce was lowered by 5%. It’s now just 25%.


The proc chance of the item’s Chain Lightning was lowered by 5%. It is now just 25%.

The same goes for Gleipnir and Mjollnir

Magic Stick

Its cooldown was increased by 4s, from 13s to 17s.

Magic Wand

Its cooldown was increased by 2s, from 13s to 15s.

Manta Style

Its cooldown was increased by 4s, from 30s to 34s.

Null Talisman

Its mana regen bonus is now 1 / 2 instead of 0.75 / 1.5.

Oblivion Staff

This item now gives just 1 mana regen instead of 1.25.

Orchid Malevolence

All of its bonuses were nerfed. The item now gives +3.25 mana regen instead of 3.5, +10 intelligence instead of +12, and costs 125 mana to activate instead of 100.


Its intelligence bonus was decreased by 5. The mana cost of Soul Rend is now 125 instead of 100.


Witch Blade now deals just 75% of your mana as damage per second instead of 100%.

Revenant’s Brooch

Phantom Province no longer provides critical strike when it’s enabled.

Shadow Blade

Dota 2 Shadow Blade

The Shadow Walk duration is now 17s instead of 14s. The same thing applies to Silver Edge.

Neutral Items

When it comes to neutral items, the changes introduced by Dota 2 patch 7.35d weren’t very many.

Royal Jelly

When consumed, the duration of Restoration was decreased from 10s to 8s, the HP regen per charge was increased from 2 to 2.5, and the mana regen per charge was increased from 1 to 1.25.

Grove Bow

The attack range bonus provided by the item is now just 75 instead of 100.

Light Collector

This item now gives you just 5% movement speed instead of 10%. But its HP and mana regen bonus while being near trees was increased from 50% to 75%.


When it is in Mana mode, the item now provides 3.75 mana regen instead of 2.5. When it is in Health mode, the item provides 7.5 HP regen instead of 5.

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