Dota 2 patch 7.33d key hero changes

In Dota 2 patch 7.33d, IceFrog decided to change around a third of the existing heroes. Some of them... Radu M. | 16. June 2023

In Dota 2 patch 7.33d, IceFrog decided to change around a third of the existing heroes. Some of them got buffed while others got nerfed.

In some cases, the nerfs only target the hero’s early levels and represent rescales of various abilities. In other cases, they’re quite heavy and are meant to deter people from spamming a handful of heroes.

A quick look at all the heroes’ win rates on Dotabuff quickly reveals that some of them are extremely weak in the current meta and needed some massive buffs to be viable. Heroes like Nature’s Prophet, whose win rate was 41.5% and pick rate was just 3%, had to get help.

The same goes for Lina, Broodmother, and plenty of other options that tend to get neglected because nobody sees a good reason to pick them.

Important buffs

One hero that got buffed was Sniper, whose Shrapnel now has a 475 radius at level 4.

Razor’s Static Link now lasts for 12s-18s and the hero’s base agility is now 24. You gain an additional 14 agility at level 10, thanks to the talent that got buffed.

Nature’s prophet’s attack range got increased by 20, Nature’s call can be cast every 37s-31s and the mana cost is just 120.

Lina’s Dragon Slave can now be cast every 11s-8s. Her Fiery Soul also got buffed, and her Flame Cloak is quite powerful: 35% spell amp for 8s.


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Important nerfs

One hero that got multiple nerfs was Void Spirit. His stats got hit significantly, his Dissimilate now costs 130 mana at level 1, and his Astral Step now deals just 130-330 damage. His level 15 and level 20 talents also got swapped and nerfed significantly.

Windranger got completely destroyed. Her base attack speed is now just 90, her strength gain per level was lowered by 0.4, her Windrun damage block was reduced to 35% and her Focus Fire damage reduction got increased to 30%. Furthermore, her level 20 talent got nerfed: 12% Focus Fire damage reduction instead of 16%.

Techies now has a base attack speed of 90 instead of 100. His Sticky Bomb deals 80-320 damage instead of 90-360. And his Blast Off stuns for just 1.25s at level 4.

spirit breaker

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Spirit Breaker’s base armor got decreased by 1 and his Charge of Darkness now has a 21s-12s cooldown.

PL’s illusions now deal considerably less damage.

Pangolier’s movement speed is now 295 and his Swashbuckle now has just 400 range at level 1 instead of 550.

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