The International 12 day 1 results

Day 1 of The International 12 was full of exciting matches, many of which ended with surprising results. It’s... Radu M. | 13. October 2023

Day 1 of The International 12 was full of exciting matches, many of which ended with surprising results. It’s starting to become clear that the teams who were regarded as the top favorites are indeed in great shape.

The best results were obtained by Team Spirit, Team Liquid, LGD Gaming, and Tundra Esports. But other teams, such as PSG Quest, beastcoast, and Azure Ray also did well.

What was shocking is that Keyd Stars, who were supposed to have no hope of winning a single game, drew twice. While Talon Esports, who were supposed to be among the favorites in group D, lost two matches and are now one step away from an early elimination.

Group A results

In group A of TI12, Team Spirit looked unstoppable and won three consecutive matches. Their opponents were 9Pandas, SMG, and Entity. They’ve already won, even before the 2nd day matches are finished. Based on what they’ve demonstrated so far, they are the biggest favorite in the race and might end up winning their 2nd TI.

For 9Pandas and Entity, day 2 will be tough and they need good results to guarantee themselves a spot in the playoffs. So far, their record is 1 W – 1 D – 1 L. EG got 1 point in their first two matches, while SMG got 1 point in their first three matches.

Group B results

In group B, Team Liquid drew against Azure Ray and then defeated BetBoom and Shopify Rebellion. They have 5 points and will likely win this group. Azure have 3 points but have only played two matches. BetBoom have 2 with two matches played. Shopify have 1 but with just two matches played. Thunder Awaken have 1 with three matches played.

Group C results

In group C, LGD Gaming displayed amazing skills against Gaimin Gladiators and then nouns. They are going to win this group and Gladiators are likely to finish 2nd. The situation looks like this:

  • LGD Gaming: 4 points in 2 matches
  • Gladiators: 3 points in 3 matches
  • Beastcoast: 2 points in 2 matches
  • Nouns: 2 points in 3 matches
  • pro: 1 point in 2 matches

Group D results

In group D, Tundra obtained 5 points in their first three matches, while Talon got 0 in their first two. Keyd Stars and Quest have 2 points each after two matches. TSM have 3 but after three matches.

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