Can G2 or Vitality win ESL Pro League Season 16?

The playoffs of ESL Pro League Season 16 are about to start and G2 Esports are one of the... Radu M. | 26. September 2022

The playoffs of ESL Pro League Season 16 are about to start and G2 Esports are one of the strongest competitors in the race. Team Vitality are another big favorite to win the tournament and the two teams might face each other in the semifinals.

Both G2 and Vitality are part of the bottom half of the playoffs bracket. Their potential rivals, until they get to the semifinals, are Heroic, Natus Vincere, FURIA Esports, and Outsiders.

In Vitality’s case, the opposition will be relatively weak, so their odds of getting to the Grand Final are huge. But in G2’s case, both Heroic and Natus Vincere are strong opponents. We don’t know yet which one of them will win the Round of 12, but it doesn’t really matter.

G2 lost their last match against each of these two teams. However, this happened earlier this year and in the months that passed since then, Heroic and Na’Vi got weaker while G2 became a lot stronger. For the first time since the Grand Final of PGL Major Stockholm 2021, G2 have a high chance of defeating Na’Vi if they encounter them.

G2’s recent results

G2 won their last five matches and all of them took place at this CS:GO tournament. Even more impressive is the fact that they won all five of them without losing a single map. And some of their opponents were world-class competitors like FaZe Clan, BIG, and Outsiders.

In these five matches, G2 Esports played with a lot of confidence and gave the impression that they were ready to conquer CS:GO. The latest players who joined the team, Justin “jks” Savage and Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen are playing well at the moment and are probably highly motivated to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Both of them joined G2 after playing for much more modest teams, so now is their time to show the world what they’re capable of.

G2’s superstars, Nikola “NiKo” Kovac and Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, are at peak form right now and will be essential in the team’s playoffs run.

Vitality’s recent results

Vitality didn’t look that great prior to the start of ESL Pro League Season 16. But as soon as the tournament began, they just transformed into a formidable team and won five consecutive matches. Their opponents were serious teams like Na’Vi and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The only problem is that Na’Vi lost not only against them but also against two other teams of lesser strength. So it’s not entirely clear that Vitality are a lot stronger now than they were a few months ago. But they’re definitely one of the favorites to win the trophy at this tournament.

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