BREAKING: GamerLegion Takes 9 Pandas’ Slot At The Major

Due to visa issues, the full 9 Pandas squad cannot fly to Copenhagen to compete for the Major in... Owen | 16. March 2024

Due to visa issues, the full 9 Pandas squad cannot fly to Copenhagen to compete for the Major in time. The stars align for GamerLegion as the European squad will participate in the tournament.

Two days before the beginning of the PGL Copenhagen Major, 9 Pandas captain seized made a shocking tweet, hinting that the roster may not participate in the Major. It was revealed that only two of five 9 Pandas members have safely made it to Denmark, while the remainder of the roster was facing visa issues. 

On Friday, PGL had already called in the GamerLegion squad to be a potential replacement for 9 Pandas had they not arrived in time. GamerLegion was selected to be the substitute because they came in second place at the Last Chance Qualifier, losing to the Russian squad in the Major-qualification match.

Unfortunately, it became official that PGL would disqualify 9 Pandas for not making it in time, as the Opening Stage of the Major begins tomorrow. As a result, GamerLegion will book immediate flights to Denmark, which shouldn’t be a problem for the European-based team. 

GamerLegion made a statement on Twitter/X:

“We will be stepping in for 9Pandas at the PGL Copenhagen Major due to them being unable to participate. 

We’re excited for this chance, yet saddened for 9Pandas’ talented team, understanding the value of this Major appearance to them.  

Not being able to seize the opportunity for Major victory due to visa problems is truly disheartening, and we hope that 9Pandas won’t face similar issues in the future.  

We will strive to make our fans proud in Copenhagen!”

After failing to qualify for the Major, GamerLegion seemed like they were taking a break, only playing one official match since their failure at the qualifier. Though they may lack preparation, Snax and company still have the potential to deal some serious damage at the Major.

Heartbreak ensues for the 9 Pandas squad, as they arguably deserved to play in the Major the most. They had the toughest route, going 2-3 in the European RMR A Group, then defeating Astralis and GamerLegion in the Last Chance Qualifier. You could see how much it meant to them in their celebration after winning the final match. 

Four members of the roster would have made their Major debut, while seized, a seasoned veteran, would return to the upper echelons of Counter-Strike after going missing for several years. Sadly, it was all for naught, as they have been ruled out from the tournament. 

Though not official yet, it is highly likely that 9 Pandas will have their Copenhagen Major stickers revoked and potentially replaced by GamerLegion ones. It is unclear how the sticker money distribution will work, but 9 Pandas deserve to get compensation. 

In the final CS:GO Major, sticker revenues exceeded $100 million, meaning each team received up to four millions of dollars from the revenue split. Using that number as reference, teams should at least be looking at a million dollars for this Major. 

The swap between 9 Pandas and GamerLegion doesn’t change the Opening Stage matchups in any way. GamerLegion is set to play AMKAL in the first round. 

Header: GamerLegion