Best Loadout for RPK in Warzone 2 season 2

In Warzone 2, we have more than 50 weapons from which we can add specific equipment and accessories to... Eduardo | 20. February 2023

In Warzone 2, we have more than 50 weapons from which we can add specific equipment and accessories to get as many kills as possible. In addition, using the game’s meta weapon to get the most out of your games is always highly recommended.

Throughout Warzone 2 season 1, the RPK became the players’ favorite light machine gun. Although nerfs were announced for this weapon in season 2, there is no doubt that it continues to be one of the most potent weapons in the game.

Stay with us to learn about the best RPK loadout in this season 2 of Warzone 2.


As mentioned, players loved the RPK during season 1 and season 1 Reloaded of Warzone 2. On the other hand, it is interesting to mention that the update of last February 15 seems not to have altered this belief.

The RPK continues to be the best weapon for medium and long-range battles in the game and is considered one of the most lethal LMGs in the entire game. Because of how comprehensive Warzone 2’s map, Al Mazrah, is, this light machine gun is essential because of its low recoil and impressive damage stats.

But it can work not only in Battle Royale. Resurgence and DMZ modes also have very open battlefields where the RPK behaves like a real killing machine.

Best Loadout for the RPK in Warzone 2 Season 2

The RPK suffered a slight nerf in this season 2 of Warzone 2, which slightly affected its rank within the game’s meta weapons. However, this nerf certainly did not affect the characteristics that make this light machine gun lethal.

We must attach specific accessories to use the RPK and annihilate all our opponents.

  • Muzzle: ZLR Talon 5
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 7.62 High Velocity
  • Rear Grip: Demo-X2 Grip
  • Optic: SZ Holotherm

With these accessories, we assure you that you will not notice the “nerf” suffered by the RPK in Warzone 2 season 2. The Muzzle ZLR Talon 5 will give us a better range of damage and speed of the bullets. In addition, it allows for to soften the overall recoil. The Underbarrel Merc Foregrip also works well, improving the shot’s accuracy from the hip and recoil control.

On the other hand, the Ammunition 7.62 High Velocity will ensure that bullets reach their targets quickly and, above all, lethally. Finally, the Demo-X2 Grip is another useful accessory that helps control recoil but affects the stability of your aim.

Finally, the Optic, which has been a target in recent weeks, SZ Holotherm is a holographic sight that allows players to have a clear image of their opponents. In addition, it also detects heat signatures from enemies, so it works flawlessly through fumes.


With this setup, you will undoubtedly be one of the most lethal in every game you play in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

Header: Activision