Become Legends return to Fortnite’s competitive scene

Excellent news for Fortnite’s competitive scene! One of the most popular teams in the esports scene, Become Legends, announced... Eduardo | 9. July 2023

Excellent news for Fortnite’s competitive scene! One of the most popular teams in the esports scene, Become Legends, announced their return to Fortnite’s competitive scene after they decided to abandon the game in January 2023 completely.

Undoubtedly, this is extraordinary news for the entire game community since we may have the return of great organizations to this scene that, undoubtedly, has been forgotten in recent times.

On the other hand, the fact that Become Legends is returning to competitive Fortnite makes these great organizations consider their return through the big door.

Become Legends announce its return to the competitive Fortnite scene

Through a statement on its official Twitter account, Become Legends announced the signing of three players to make its return to competitive Fortnite.

This popular team surprised everyone in the 2022 season when Iwo “Setty” Zając and Michał “Kami” Kamiński won the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational. However, the organization surprised the entire community even more in January 2023 when it announced its departure from the competitive scene.

Now, the organization decides to return at an ideal time, as we are just a few days away from the start of the $2,000,000 Fortnite tournament to be played in Saudi Arabia and part of the esports festival, Gamers8.

There is no doubt that Gamers8 is one of the main factors why organizations are trying to get back into the competitive Fortnite scene. In addition to having the best Fortnite players in the world, the event serves as a way for orgs to sign players who, for the most part, are without a team.

Why is Gamers8 helping Fortnite?

As we know, the Fortnite scene has been in intensive therapy due to economic reasons, with many high-profile orgs claiming that it is not feasible to maintain a Fortnite lineup due to the absence of sponsors. However, Gamers8 offers a prize pool for players who participate in the tournament and a great prize to those organizations that represent these players.

There is no doubt that Gamers8 is doing this to incentivize top-tier organizations to sign this crop of talented players and, simultaneously, try to bring back the competitive scene of this Battle Royale that has captivated us so much since its launch.

New Become Legends players

While it is not yet known if it is a return to the scene imminently or just for Gamers8, the fact is that the three players signed by the organization are playing the $2M LAN tournament in Saudi Arabia. We are talking about:

  • Mikołaj “Mikson” Kazanecki
  • Nikita “Karmy” Artamonov
  • Vanya “Vanyak3kk” Sakach

These three players have proven themselves in recent tournaments and can be a great fit for Become Legends. Also, the fact that Gamers8 is likely to be a huge success may cause Fortnite’s competitive scene to be reborn and more such tournaments to be organized. On the other hand, this leaves the doors open for the return of big organizations signing new players.

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