Clid removed from HLE starting lineup over sexual harassment allegations

Once again, a professional esports player from League of Legends is accused of sexual harassment in recent weeks. We... Eduardo | 29. June 2023

Once again, a professional esports player from League of Legends is accused of sexual harassment in recent weeks. We are talking specifically about Kim “Clid” Tae-min, the starting jungler of Hanwha Life Esports, who was removed from the team’s starting lineup due to these allegations.

These accusations are becoming more and more common in recent times, and teams have to take matters into their own hands regarding their players. In addition to having doctors and physical trainers in an organization, there should be counselors and psychologists to help players daily.

Clid out of HLE lineup over sexual harassment allegations

In the last few hours, it became known that HLE jungler Clid would not be part of the team’s lineup in their game against Dplus KIA on June 28. All this resulted from the different accusations of sexual harassment that became known on June 27.

On the other hand, the team’s backup, Jo “Grizzly” Seung-hoon, made his official LCK debut in place of Clid.

So far, neither HLE nor the LCK have made any statement regarding the player’s absence in this match, but it is obviously due to the serious allegations against Clid. On the other hand, the 23-year-old Korean has also not responded to these claims accusing him of sexual harassment of two girls in the community. However, the player agency Shadow Corporation, representing Clid, is “sincerely apologizing” on Clid’s behalf.

Clid accused of sexual harassment

While it is true that HLE made the radical decision to remove him from the starting lineup for now, Shadow Corporation will not take any retaliation against Clid. Recall that two fans accuse the 23-year-old player of sexual harassment. In addition, the girls allege that Clid sent different, completely explicit messages through KakaoTalk (a Korean app similar to Facebook). However, the alleged victims say that they never met Clid in person, but the messages Clid allegedly sent are disturbing.

The first victim posted screenshots on his Twitter account named seoyeon67206575, where sexual comments by Clid are seen. However, the victim asked Clid to stop saying such things, and the 23-year-old HLE player retracted, saying that those messages were “loving.”

The second plaintiff, erica_ahri, also shared on her Twitter account different screenshots with messages received (very similar, by the way) on Facebook in January 2022. She further stresses that she was a minor then and that Clid knew perfectly well.

After all this, it is unclear what will be the duration of Clid away from HLE’s starting lineup. The team played against Dplus KIA last June 28 with a substitute, and the next game will be on July 2 against Gen.G.

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