Become Legends — Another organization to leave competitive Fortnite

For several years, the game that attracted the most fans was Fortnite, as all players wanted to show who... Eduardo | 10. January 2023

For several years, the game that attracted the most fans was Fortnite, as all players wanted to show who was the best in this excellent Battle Royale. But, recently, we have observed how organizations do not see an apparent future with this video game.

Recently, we broke the news that Sentinels was leaving the Fortnite competitive scene. A few hours ago, we learned that Become Legends would also not compete in Fortnite in 2023, so the future of Epic Games’ Battle Royale seems dark.

Official announcement.

In an official statement on its Twitter account, Become Legends announced that it will not continue in the Fortnite competitive scene in 2023.

While it is true that most organizations tend to leave and resume different video games, with Become Legends, it is unexpected. First, let’s remember that BL recently won the Fortnite Championship Series less than two months ago in Raleigh, North Carolina.

A new esports in mind?

One important thing we can highlight about BL is that it is an organization with no team in other esports. So, with the promise that the company is going “in a new direction,” it seems evident that they are referring to a new game.

It won’t be surprising if the organization dabbles in the VALORANT or League of Legends scene, as these Riot Games titles continue to enjoy great popularity.

This means that the organization stopped supporting the players who won hundreds of thousands of dollars at the FNCS Raleigh event a few weeks ago.

Suppose Epic Games wasn’t worried when they saw that organizations don’t trust their competitive side. In that case, they will have to start examining what they can change after Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf also stops being supported by their organization.

Should Bugha’s departure from Sentinels set off alarm bells at Epic?

Well, yes. Recall that Bugha is the highest-earning Fortnite pro player in the history of Fortnite esports. So, the fact that an organization like Sentinels does not support him is not good news.

On the other hand, if Bugha can’t make an organization work in the competitive scene, what could other players do in another organization?

Also, if the world champion can’t make an organization work, then it seems like other organizations might start following suit, cutting their Fortnite divisions.

Fortnite retains a large player base

However, we can’t deny that Fortnite retains immense popularity and an extensive daily player base. At FNCS, we saw how thousands of viewers on Twitch followed the tournament. But organizations likely do not see Fortnite as a competitive esports.

Time passes, and Epic may try to improve its competitive environment to attract more influential organizations. For it is no secret to anyone that Fortnite developers remain committed to all the players who continue to trust them.

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