All PRO Cypher Lineups You Need To Know For Ascent

Valorant’s Ascent map can be a tough nut to crack, especially if you’re on the defending side. The multi-layered... Stalingrad | 27. March 2024

Valorant’s Ascent map can be a tough nut to crack, especially if you’re on the defending side. The multi-layered map with long sightlines provides plenty of angles for attackers to push through. That’s where Cypher comes in – the one-man surveillance network who can gather invaluable intel for your team.

Who better to learn Ascent’s best Cypher setups from than Gambit Esports’ star player nAts? The 19-year-old sentinel expert is renowned for his incredible Cypher gameplay, highlighted by an eye-popping 26/3/4 KDA at Valorant Champions 2021 on Fracture against Acend.

nAts recently shared his top 3 lineups and setups for Cypher on the Ascent map in a pro guide video series on YouTube. Let’s dive into his expert advice so you can start locking down sites and providing your team with the intel advantage.

B Site Boathouse Setup

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According to nAts, B site is the easier bomb site to defend on Ascent as attackers need to clear multiple angles before reaching the formidable boathouse position. His setup starts with a Spycam placed high at B Main’s entrance to detect any incoming pushes.

Next, place a Trapwire on the speedway path and another by the switch that closes the door to the market. These will alert you to flanks and rotations. Finish by throwing a Cyber Cage smoke on the speedway to block vision but leave the Trapwire exposed as a deadly trap.

Finally, use one of your remaining Cages as a one-way smoke from the stairs down to the boathouse. This gives you a strong angle to hold the choke point while staying hidden. With this comprehensive vision utility setup, you’ll have total map control over B site.

A Site Generator and Double Boxes

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For A site, nAts’ favored position is the generator platform with a Spycam placed opposite on the wall to spot enemies entering from A Main. Lock down this power position by lining up two narrow Cyber Cages – one on top of generator and another on the edge of double boxes. 

The tight smokes create a brutal crossfire angle that leaves attackers with nowhere to hide as they push onto site. To protect your backside, reinforce the position with a Trapwire on the left and right sides.

Now you have a seemingly impenetrable one-way angle where you can fry enemies trying to plant the spike while staying completely hidden inside the smoke. It’s a vicious Cypher setup that will dominate any A site hit.

A Short and Garden Area

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While mid is a difficult area to firmly control according to nAts, you can still gather key info there with proper utility usage. The sentinel expert recommends placing an almost undetectable Spycam lookout in A Link by standing in A Garden and tossing it up into the plants. This camera will keep eye on any A Short aggression.

To catch potential mid-flanks and rotations from the market, use a Trapwire in the center corridor. With this intel setup, you’ll have close to full vision over the middle of the map.

Two Playstyles: Passive or Aggressive

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Broadly, nAts categorizes two main playstyles for Cypher on Ascent – passive or aggressive. The passive approach focuses on gathering info through strategic camera and trap placements that cover key map areas and common enemy paths.

Play for map control by locking down sites with utility, cutting off rotations, and holding setup positions while passing along captured intel to your team. This passive approach bleeds the attackers’ clock and prevents them from gaining ground.

The second mentality is a more proactive, aggressive Cypher who looks for early picks and aims to disrupt and destroy the attackers’ utility and map setups. Use the Cyber Cage to cut off sightlines and isolate enemy players. Clear out utility like Killjoy’s turrets and Cypher cams to create space.

Stay in unpredictable off-angles and hit enemies when their back is turned for free kills. An aggressive Cypher makes the defenders react to your plays rather than the other way around.

No matter which playstyle you prefer, always remember to communicate all the gathered info to your teammates. Cypher’s real power comes from acting as the eye in the sky, coordinating your team’s defenses against enemy advances.

ProGuides’ Tips for Ascending with Cypher

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The VALORANT pro coaches at ProGuides have also shared some valuable tips for dominating on Ascent with Cypher:

  • Defensive Anchoring – On defense, leverage Cypher’s ability to effectively anchor and deny map space with coordinated trap and camera setups. Cut off key movement paths while maintaining strong post-plant positions you can hold down.
  • Retake Setups – For retakes, implement balanced utility spreads that clear common angles like B Main, close boathouse, lane, and near the switch area while leaving openings to exploit. Playoff ally utility like smokes and flashes.  
  • A Site Executes – Taking A site requires coordination between Cypher’s Intel cam and traps along with smokes, flashes, and backup from your team. Prioritize short control and aggressive one-way positions on the site itself.
  • Lurking and Delaying – Cypher is one of the best lurkers thanks to his ability to cut off rotations and buy the time required for exexcutes. Constantly update your team with flank info while applying pressure wherever you can.
  • Market Mind Games – In the market area, set up aggressive off-angle positions to catch enemies pushing out of the market off-guard. Cage off sightlines after opening picks to create temporary safety.

With nAts’ expert lineups and the ProGuides coaches’ game plan at your disposal, you have everything required to become an Ascent intel master with Cypher. Start putting these strategies into practice, and you’ll quickly turn the defender-sided map into your personal playground of surveillance traps.