The most banned heroes of DreamLeague S20

At DreamLeague S20, some heroes proved to be very effective when used properly, giving teams an easy way to... Radu M. | 25. June 2023

At DreamLeague S20, some heroes proved to be very effective when used properly, giving teams an easy way to build a solid strategy. These heroes quickly became banned or picked by everyone.

In many cases, a team did not want to pick the hero. But they did not want to play against it either. Not that many teams have the ability to improvise or pick what proves to be working well even though no preparation was done in that direction. For most, it is much more comfortable to ban what seems to be working well for others.

Most banned heroes

The most banned hero of DreamLeague S20 was Timbersaw. He received 124 bans until the start of the final day and his win rate was around 51.4%, which is not bad.

To get that many bans, a hero needs to be scary. And Timbersaw, in this meta, certainly is. After he gets several cheap items, he has enough mana to spam his abilities for long periods of time. And he’s tanky enough to require his opponents to bring two or three heroes to every gank.

Timbersaw can be killed in the late game, when carry heroes become very powerful and no longer care as much about his HP, armor, and magic resistance. But in the early to mid game, nobody enjoys playing against a Timber. It feels like playing against a Bristleback that can blink every 4 seconds. It’s absolutely insane how strong this hero can be.

The only reason why he’s not that successful at the community level is that he’s very hard to play. But in the right hands, he’s an absolute menace.


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Another hero that got more than 100 bans was Batrider. His win rate was above 51% and his toolkit is great for any team that has a clear plan in mind.

This is not the type of hero that you pick in your pubs because he’s often quite useless without proper coordination. But for pro players, who have been picking him since the early days of The International, he’s exceptionally good and provides a lot of stability, both in offensive and defensive ways.

Other heroes that got banned numerous times were Medusa, Morphling, Techies, Storm Spirit, and Pangolier. All of them are highly effective at their respective roles and few teams enjoy playing against them. They make you feel like you’re constantly fighting uphill.

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