6 Excellent Landing Spots in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

There have been many significant changes on the map that’ll affect how things will play out on the Island... Fragster | 24. October 2021

There have been many significant changes on the map that’ll affect how things will play out on the Island in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. The numerous UFO crash sites and cube theme have added an additional spice to the Fortnite map. Also, new tricky Sideways Zones and slipstreams have replaced the giant Mothership and alien Trespassers. All these provide players more options of places to visit on the island, including many new places to gather loot.

Here are 6 of the best landing spots where you should drop from the Battle Bus and begin your mission in Fortnite Season 8

  1.     The Sideways Zone
  2.     Believer Beach
  3.     Misty Meadows
  4.     Dirty Docks
  5.     Dinky Dish (IO Base)
  6.     Stealthy Stronghold

Landing on the Sideways Zone

Ideally, the Sideways Zone hasn’t been a regular landing spot, but in Season 8, Epic Games has loaded it with a bunch of sophisticated high-grade weapons. At the center of the Sideways Zone, you will find the Sideways Chests that contain the Sideways Miniguns and Sideways Rifle. Picking up these weapons as soon as you land from the Battle Bus makes you better prepared for the battle ahead.

To find the Sideways Zone, look for a large orange sphere on the map at the beginning of the match. However, be careful to not mistake it for the Sideways Anomalies, which are usually purple portals. These portals contain only a few sideways chests, but there are lots of Cube Monsters crawling around there.

Landing on the Believer Beach

The new version of Believer Beach in Season 8 won’t be buzzing with so many activities as it used to be due to the infiltration of those aliens. But considering that it has more chest spawns than any POI on the island, you shouldn’t rule it out of your landing spot. A thoughtful way to go about it is to invade the tallest building located in each of the POI. There you’ll find more loot than anywhere else. Grab all you can and escape either through the nearby water or through the road leading to the map’s center. Whichever one you choose, make sure you run before the Storm catches up with you.

Misty Meadows is a European-inspired town on the Fortnite map (via Fortnite Wiki)

Misty Meadows is a European-inspired town on the Fortnite map (via Fortnite Wiki)

Landing in the Misty Meadows

Season 8 returns with the Misty Meadows. Although it is not every player’s choice landing spot, it still has many goodies waiting in the houses and lake. Misty Meadows is also a good spot that provides you with a good grip for a footfall. There may be lots of actions waiting for you if you go through the Battle Bus flight path. However, it won’t be as challenging as it’ll be if you land in the middle of the map.

Landing on the Dirty Docks

A smart Fortnite player knows that the Dirty Docks is a treasure spot bursting with lots of weapons. Landing on the Dirty Docks and scavenging as many weapons as you can gives you an excellent head start. You’ll also find an Upgrade Bench for upgrading your weapons and lots of boats and cars you could use to speed off to your next destination.

Landing on Dinky Dish (IO Base)

Among all the IO Bases that Epic Games retained after the crash of the Mothership, Dinky Dish stands out as phenomenal. It is located at the eastern part of the Craggy Cliffs and houses lots of ammo boxes and chests filled with exotic weapons. While taking all the loot you can, you have the Turret Gun to dismantle anyone that tries to get in your way. Furthermore, the indestructible launchpads are your surest escape route if you want to get away quickly. You can also make a quick escape with the superfast IO Guard vehicles.

Landing in the Stealthy Stronghold

We know that this isn’t really the landing spot that most people would prefer. However, it got a major facelift in Fortnite Season 8, so there’s a lot of loot that you shouldn’t ignore.

Note, however, that the place could start swarming with angry wolves within a short time. So, when the Storm begins to close in on you, you have the launchpads and lots of vehicles for easy escape.

Judging from the teasers that Epic Games has been dropping, we’re expecting that there’ll be many more changes on the map of Fortnite Season 8 Chapter 2. This means that we’ll be expecting more landing spots to pop up soon. Whenever they do, trust us to keep you updated with everything you need to know about them.