Wunder does not close doors to the LCS

Undoubtedly, all members of the community, and especially fans of teams and players, want to enjoy the game’s legends... Eduardo | 19. September 2023

Undoubtedly, all members of the community, and especially fans of teams and players, want to enjoy the game’s legends as long as they remain active. There is a very particular case in the LEC, specifically in Fnatic, as Martin “Wunder” Hansens, an EMEA legend, is on the organization’s bench.

However, Wunder has had to play very important matches with the team recently, as he had to play for Oscar “Oscarinin” Muñoz in the finals of the LEC Season Finals 2023, as the Spaniard had to undergo surgery on his right hand.

When Fnatic is preparing for Worlds 2023, it is still unclear whether Wunder or Oscarinin will be the starter in the tournament. In addition, the 24-year-old legend stated that he is open to a team change for next season and does not rule out the LCS.

Wunder says he could join LCS for next season

Wunder is reportedly considering switching teams for next season after being on Fnatic’s bench for almost the entire 2023 season. In addition, the 24-year-old Dane stated that he does not close the doors to the LCS in NA and that Cloud9 could be one of his destinations.

As mentioned, Wunder returned to Fnatic’s starting lineup at the end of August when Oscarinin had to leave the team momentarily due to an injury to one of his hands. However, this marked Wunder’s return to the official LEC servers after 6 months on the team’s bench.

Still, talent and skills remain, and more so in a legend of the game like Wunder, as the Dane showed his full potential in helping Fnatic to finish second place in the LEC Season Finals. As a result, Fnatic secured their direct berth in Worlds 2023.

Wunder opens the doors to Cloud9

As seen in the video, Wunder, interviewed by content creator “YamatoCannon,” talked about his future in the professional LoL scene. Likewise, Wunder mentioned that his main goal is to stay in the LEC, but he does not “close the doors” to jump the pond to join the LCS. In addition, the Dane dared to mention that he would be willing to join Cloud9.

Given all this, Wunder was asked why he mentions Cloud9 as one of his options, and the Dane replied:

“Top NA teams have the same culture as some European teams, I get the feeling.”

Furthermore, he also stressed that he would only join some Tier 2 team in the LEC or LCS if he doesn’t receive any offers from a top-tier team. However, the 24-year-old Dane says he is confident he will receive “good offers.”

Wunder’s undisputed talent

There is no doubt that Wunder’s talent and skills remain intact, and, as a result, he has been known as one of the best Top Laners in EMEA. He also has an MSI 2019 champions trophy in his showcase when he played for G2 Esports.

After being for four years in G2, Wunder decided to sign for Fnatic to replace Adam “Adam” Maanane. In his first year with the Black & Orange squad, the team finished third in both splits and played in the Worlds Group Stage. However, with Wunder’s slow and sluggish start to 2023, Fnatic decided to bench him at the end of the Winter Split.

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