Why is Clinkz so successful in Dota 2 patch 7.32e

Clinkz has become a formidable hero to play against in Dota 2. In the last month, his win rate... Radu M. | 5. April 2023

Clinkz has become a formidable hero to play against in Dota 2. In the last month, his win rate has been higher than 56%, which is a clear sign that the little skeleton is broken. Luckily, his pick rate is only around 11%. But that’s because people don’t understand just how complete of a carry he is.

Clinkz rose to prominence thanks to the changes introduced by the last few patches. Apart from the Burning Barrage mana nerf, which came in Dota 2 patch 7.32b and is almost insignificant, most of the changes made by IceFrog to the hero and his frequently bought items have turned him into a beast.

Why Clinkz is so strong right now

Clinkz has amazing abilities that give him damage, movement speed, invisibility, and health. All of these things are extremely useful. At level 12, Clinkz is already difficult to kill while his ultimate is active and its duration is 65s while the cooldown is 70s. In essence, Clinkz is permanently buffed significantly.

The HP he gains is 55% at level 12 and the damage he gets is 8%. But at level 18, these bonuses are 80% and 12%. Given how strong some of the creeps are, this could easily translate to around 900 HP bonus and more than 125 damage bonus. On top of that, he also gets +60 damage from his Searing Arrows.


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And if that’s not enough, Burning Barrage will let Clinkz attack six times in quick succession from 900 range. And while it is true that these six attacks have their damage reduced and only count for around four attacks, this ability is still overpowered.

Clinkz can use his ultimate without breaking his invisibility, which lasts for 40s and has a cooldown of 17s. While invisible, Clinkz gains 60% movement speed, which essentially offers him maximum speed.

This is the kind of hero that you do not want to play against. It’s hard to believe that Clinkz only has a win rate of around 56% when he can do everything he does. On top of his natural skills, you can also buy some very powerful items.

For most heroes, the item build is pretty much determined by what is missing. But Clinkz is such a complete hero that you can pretty much decide for yourself what you want to buy. This enables you to be highly creative and develop your own play style.

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