VCT EMEA League Playoffs: FÜT Esports and NaVi stay alive in Lower Bracket

The emotions of the VCT EMEA League are growing, and after the first matches of the Lower Bracket, FÜT... Eduardo | 26. May 2023

The emotions of the VCT EMEA League are growing, and after the first matches of the Lower Bracket, FÜT Esports and NaVi got victories to stay alive in these playoffs.

In addition to continuing to fight for the title of VCT EMEA champions, both FÜT and NaVi joined Fnatic and Liquid as the teams qualified for the next Marsters Tokyo for the EMEA region. On the other hand, the defeat of Team Vitality and Giants means that both teams are eliminated from the tournament and will now have to prepare for the rest of the season.

Let’s see what happened in the Lower Bracket matches of the VCT EMEA League playoffs.

FÜT Esports get an excellent win over Team Vitality

The Turks continued to show great play in this VCT EMEA League. They got a 2-1 victory over Team Vitality that, besides giving them oxygen for the rest of the tournament, assured them qualification for the Masters Tokyo.

The series was played in Split (VIT), Haven (FÜT), and Lotus (decider).


It all started in Split, Team Vitality’s map pick, where we saw both teams at their best offensive best. Team Vitality started extremely strong in the first half on their attacking side, and they managed an 8-4 victory.

When the sides switched sides, the roles were also switched, as the Turks woke up on their attacking side so that they won nine of the ten rounds that were played to take the victory with an excellent score of 13-9.


We moved to Haven, the map pick of FÜT Esports, where we also had an intense and exciting match, but, this time, Team Vitality was able to finish their victory to even the series 1-1.

Once again, Team Vitality started with an aggressive attacking side and took a partial victory in the first half by 8-4. Then, at the change of sides, FÜT tried to wake up and got on the scoreboard 8-10. However, Team Vitality stopped the Turkish comeback to take the 13-9 victory.


Finally, on Lotus, the decisive map, FÜT Esports arrived determined to prevent Team Vitality from wreaking havoc again with their defense, and they succeeded. Deploying a virtually impenetrable defense, the Turks managed a 9-3 partial victory in the first half.

Then Team Vitality tried to wake up by winning the first two rounds. However, FÜT had the determination and aggressiveness to take the victory with a comfortable score of 13-6.

NaVi crush Giants to stay on their way to the Grand Final

NaVi’s defeat against Team Liquid in the Upper Bracket semifinals was paid for by the Spanish team Giants, who could not be in these Lower Bracket quarterfinals and were left at the gates of the Tokyo Masters.

The series between NaVi and Giants was played in Pearl (NaVi) and Ascent (Giants).


It all started on Pearl, one of VALORANT’s iconic maps since its launch. The match was balanced throughout, as the first half ended with the score even at 6-6.

Then, at the start of the second half, Giants could pull ahead on the scoreboard 8-7 after winning the third and fourth rounds. However, this did nothing but wake up the NaVi boys, so they fortified their defense and finally took the win 13-9.


Finally, Ascent served as the stage for NaVi, again with a score of 13-9, to seal their ticket to the upcoming Tokyo Masters.

Unlike the first map, NaVi started very strong in Ascent on their defensive side, and they managed a solid 8-4 partial victory in the first half. However, at the change of sides, Giants could win five of the first six rounds to put the score 9-9 and give the team some hope.

Finally, NaVi won the last four rounds of the map to take the 13-9 victory and secure their ticket to Japan.

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