LCS Spring Week 6: predictions and results

The sixth competitive week of LCS Spring 2023 is underway and FlyQuest continue to impress. This team currently has... Radu M. | 2. March 2023

The sixth competitive week of LCS Spring 2023 is underway and FlyQuest continue to impress. This team currently has a record of 11 W – 1 L and it seems that almost no one knows how to deal with them.

Cloud9 are fairly close behind, having a record of 9 W – 3 L. But the first direct match between themselves and FlyQuest ended with a victory in FlyQuest’s favor. So there isn’t much hope that they will manage to somehow win the second match and then force a tiebreaker if FlyQuest lose one more time in the next several weeks.

Current Results in LCS Spring

Right now, the situation at the top of the rankings table seems almost decided. FlyQuest will be the winner, Cloud9 will be the runner-up, and Evil Geniuses will finish third. The remaining spots are still up for grabs.

100 Thieves are one of the teams that started the split really well but are now struggling to stay afloat. With a record of 5 W – 7 L, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng’s squad is occupying the 6th spot in the league, but two other teams have an identical record: TSM and Team Liquid.

On the first day of the sixth week of LCS Spring 2023, EG won their match against TSM, Cloud9 defeated 100 Thieves, and Team Liquid beat Golden Guardians. These were the most important matches.

FlyQuest won versus Counter Logic Gaming while Dignitas came very close to winning their second match of the split against Immortals. The battle dragged on for more than 40 minutes and both teams had excellent opportunities to close the match. In the end, Immortals won after stealing the Baron from their opponents.

Upcoming matches

On the second day of week 6 of LCS Spring 2023, the most exciting matches to watch will be FlyQuest versus Evil Geniuses and TSM versus Team Liquid. Another match worth watching is the one between CLG and 100 Thieves.

FlyQuest should easily win against EG while TSM are the favorites against Team Liquid, simply because they won the first match against them in this split.

In the CLG vs. 100 Thieves battle, Doublelift’s team must win to remain in a decent position in the league. But in the first match of the Spring split, 100 Thieves lost against them. The two teams are very close to each other in strength, so the difference will likely be made by their current form. CLG are slightly favored.

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