Why Bounty Hunter is a popular hero in Dota 2 patch 7.32c

Bounty has been buffed several times in the last few months. And after all the buffs he received, he... Radu M. | 5. October 2022

Bounty has been buffed several times in the last few months. And after all the buffs he received, he is now a viable hero in more than one role. He can be played as position 4, 3, 2, or even 1. His versatility is incredible thanks to his natural attributes and abilities.

BH gains 2.5 strength per level and 2.6 agility. His HP regen is 1.25 and his movement speed is 325, one of the highest in the game. With just a Wind Lace, he will move faster than a lot of other heroes, even if they buy boots!

This means that you can either maximize your movement speed and use it as an advantage, or simply rely on what you naturally possess and focus on building your survivability and damage.

In both cases, it’s hard not to feel good playing this hero. In the early portion of the game, he can easily invade the enemy jungle and cause a lot of problems. The only condition to succeed is to not lose the laning phase badly and to have a responsive team that understands your strengths.

If you don’t abuse your first few power peaks, you’re much less likely to be successful. But if you do know what to do after level 7 or 8, the enemy team will feel terrified to farm its own half of the map.

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Bounty Hunter’s main strengths

The new Bounty Hunter relies far less on his Shuriken and a lot more on his other abilities. For the start, you need to put just one point in it and focus on Jinada. At level 4, this ability deals 180 bonus damage (220 with the level 10 talent!) every 3 seconds and steals 36 gold from the enemy. But it’s very strong even at level 3.

This means that by the time you’re level 5, a lot of midlaners can no longer play against you, especially, if they’re melee heroes. Because you simply steal all of their gold and deal massive amounts of damage.

Shadow Walk is a great way of guaranteeing easy ganks. And if you buy the Aghs Shard, you can cast it on your allies too. It has charges after that point and its cooldown is just 12 seconds. This means that you can make two teammates invisible and gank the enemy team non-stop.

The hero’s ultimate continues to be strong and will grant allies +12% movement speed after level 15, when you skill the required talent. Marked enemies will take a lot more damage from your Q, so it’s a good idea to spam it. If you play BH position 4, make sure you buy an Aether Lens.

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