What classes will we see in the MMO version of League of Legends?

The community anticipates several video games, but their release is still far off. Two games Riot Games is currently... Maria | 4. February 2023

The community anticipates several video games, but their release is still far off. Two games Riot Games is currently working on aspire to be historically significant for their various changes. The first is a fighting game now known as “Project L.” However, the MMO League of Legends is the most anticipated.

The entire community has no idea what this video game is. Although some information about the development team has been made public, very little is known about the game itself. However, we know there will be battles, and, among other things, they don’t want to use MOBA characters excessively to turn them into bosses.

What makes us more curious are the types of characters we can create and the classes they will belong to in the game. After all, Riot Games has not yet made any announcement about it. However, many people have started making their guesses, especially considering all the champions we see daily in League of Legends.

The presumed classes that will be in the League of Legends MMO

There are numerous characters in Riot Games’ MOBA. All of them play their respective roles throughout the game. For this reason, we can find characters that play similar roles to these champions.

It’s important to remember that it’s all guesswork, but given the gameplay, we can come up with a couple of ideas. First, we list possible classes that we believe may appear in the MMO League of Legends.

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List of possible classes in the League of Legends MMO

Healers and supporters:

We will encounter enchanters such as Karma and Soraka.


Here we will find a wide variety of champions and combat styles. While some champions will play quite a bit more aggressively and inflict considerable damage, others will be dedicated to defending their teammates.


Rough champions like Darius can tanky but deal a lot of damage.

Mobile fighters:

Fighters with a lot of movement can defend themselves and deal large amounts of damage.


These are melee characters with much damage and fast annihilation abilities, such as Yasuo or Yone.


As in all MMOs, we need characters that can enter melee combat and inflict much damage to finish off an opponent instantly.

Burst Mages:

These are the champions that deal a lot of damage quickly. But who must wait to come back to inflict all that damage.


Characters hang back and use magic to inflict a lot of damage.

Frontline Mages:

Characters with solid magical abilities can also resist their enemies’ attacks.


Legendary ADCs. They inflict a lot of damage and use ranged weapons. They are the primary source of DPS for the team and the gunners.

Considering all the characters we find in League of Legends, this is the initial conclusion we can draw. However, the developers are the ones who have the final say and choose which classes are offered in this aged MMO.

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