VCT Americas League: LOUD crowned champion after crushing NRG

The VCT Americas League has reached its final, and the favorite team of the tournament, LOUD, was crowned champion... Eduardo | 29. May 2023

The VCT Americas League has reached its final, and the favorite team of the tournament, LOUD, was crowned champion after crushing NRG in the final with an excellent score of 3-0.

LOUD put the icing on the cake to a wonderful season in the VCT Americas League, where they only lost one game. But, moreover, we should not detract merits to NRG, a team that comes from fighting for its life in the Lower Bracket in the playoffs and eliminated great squads like FURIA, Cloud9, and Evil Geniuses.

LOUD, NRG, and Evil Geniuses must prepare for the next international event in the 2023 VCT calendar, the Masters Tokyo.

Let’s see what happened in the VCT Americas League grand final match between LOUD and NRG.

LOUD crush NRG to claim VCT Americas League title

The inevitable happened; the Brazilians of LOUD continue to prove that they are a step above the rest of their rivals in the Americas region and got an extraordinary 3-0 victory over NRG to proclaim themselves champions of the tournament. Although the three maps were very close, the determination and experience of the LOUD boys came to the fore in the important rounds.

The Grand Final was played on Ascent (LOUD), Bind (NRG), and Fracture (LOUD).


It all started uphill for the Brazilians in Ascent, their first map pick. NRG started with everything in the first half on their defensive side and got an excellent partial victory by 7-5. This undoubtedly set off alarm bells for the Brazilian team, who, for the first time in the tournament, were feeling some pressure.

However, when the sides changed, LOUD put up a defense that, without a doubt, was impenetrable for the NRG boys. As a result, the Brazilian team took the victory by 13-9, thus starting the grand final on the right foot.


The teams then moved to Bind, NRG’s map pick, where we could enjoy a balanced match, and either could have won.

LOUD started on their defensive side very well, winning six of the first seven rounds. However, this only made NRG wake up, and with a spectacular comeback, they managed to even score 6-6 at the end of the first half.

At the change of sides, LOUD again started extremely strong to quickly put the score at 12-7 in their favor. Then, NRG woke up again in a big way to make it 12-11. Finally, LOUD won the last round to win the second map of this grand final.


Finally, in Fracture, we also witnessed an exceptional level from both teams, as they gave us thrills until the last round.

NRG Esports started this map extremely well on their attacking side in the first half and managed to take a partial victory by 7-5. However, at the change of sides, they witnessed the Brazilian fury, as LOUD woke up like a real beast and could come back and take the victory by 13-11.

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