Maria | 19. January 2023

What are Siphons in Fortnite?

Thanks to the numerous improvements added to boost the gameplay, Fortnite is among the most-played games worldwide. The Siphon is one such item that partially allows players to recover the damage they have suffered throughout the game. When you receive eliminations, this is one of the things you can anticipate.

Since update v8.20 of Season 8, “siphoning” has become a common term in the Fortnite: Battle Royale community. It is a game mechanic that has adapted various forms but is now restricted and only used in a few modes.

Here’s everything you need to know about siphons.

What does the Siphon do in Fortnite?

The Siphon mechanic allows you to quickly heal your health or shield when you defeat an opponent in Fortnite. Depending on the game mode, it can restore up to 50 health; if you only need to recover 25 or less, the extra health is converted to a shield.

In some Fortnite playstyles, your shield will refill instantly after a takedown. Thanks to this, anyone shooting at you will have to shoot you twice to get through your protection if they want to manage to take you down. Initially, this was employed in the limited-time game mode Siphon, where the only method of regaining health was to inflict damage, and it now applies in competitive modes.

Epic Games debuted the limited-time Syphon mode on December 20 last year as part of Fortnite’s 14 Days of Fortnite special mode rotation. However, in Syphon, getting a shield or regaining health was only possible by killing enemies, which is not the case in the most recent versions of the Syphon concept.


Epic Games has added five new reality power-ups as part of update v22.30. In addition, depending on whether a shotgun or lower rarity weapons are owned, the player can get Siphon from two of them.

If you use the right weapons to inflict damage and get kills, you may notice that Siphon replenishes your character’s health or shield.

All Fortnite players were made to use the Syphon mechanic for a short period. For a time, all Battle Royale game types adopted this play style once Epic added them to all default playlists in the v7.40 update during Season 7.

The following season, the company removed this element from the game because it encouraged an unhealthy degree of aggression but kept it in place for competitive modes.

Because of that period, players mistakenly believe that the Syphon mechanic increases the collection rate, whereas the original Syphon game mode experienced no such increase.

Apparently, Epic Games is mulling over the possibility of incorporating more Siphon gameplay elements into the Augment system. It is possible that defeating the opponent and meeting the requirements will give certain players an advantage.

Since you already know what a siphon is in Fortnite, be prepared to enter competitive matches and gain advantages over your opponents in terms of health by elimination

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