All about the Rocket League Nike FC Fan Clash

During the group stage and up to the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup, Rocket League will run an... Fragster | 19. November 2022

During the group stage and up to the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup, Rocket League will run an in-game event in partnership with Nike. In addition to items and a new game mode, the Nike FC Cup also includes rankings, similar to Worlds.

Alongside all of this stuff in and around the game itself, Octane — the default car in Rocket League — gets the big stage. The car appears for three seconds in Nike’s World Cup trailer, with the topic of conversation being the future.

Free items

At the start of the event, there will not be a single item to be obtained just like that. Instead, all items are linked to challenges or registration. The easiest way to get the title “Footy Fanatic” is to register on the Rocket League Fanclash page and the title will pop up when you start the game. During this registration, you have to choose one of the 42 countries that you support during the Fan Clash.

You can choose one of the countries participating in the World Cup, but Australia is missing. Instead, you can select China, Finland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Austria, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Turkey, or Ukraine. The choice is probably up to the sponsor, as the additional teams have Nike as their shirt sponsor, with the exception of Ukraine. Why Australia is missing is a bit unclear, because Nike is also the shirt sponsor Down Under.

At the end of the Fan Clash, there will be a prize depending on the placement of the national team. However, countries with more fans and participants do not have an advantage, as a specific coefficient takes effect that balances the points.

This is the list of possible wins:

  • 1. place
    „Nike FC Cup MVP“ title, Titanium White Nike Nike FC 2022 Goal explosion, 1 Import-Drop
  • 2.–4. place
    Titanium White Nike Nike FC 2022 Goal explosion, 1 Import-Drop
  • 5th-8th 1st place
    import drop, 1st very rare drop
  • 9th-12th 2nd place
    very rare drops
  • 13-16 Rank
    1 Very Rare Drop, 1 Rare Drop
  • 17-30 Rank
    2 Rare Drops
  • 31st-43rd Rank
    1 Rare Drop

The Nike FC Cup runs from November 1 to December 1. Until then, all players have the opportunity to collect points for their country through goals, assists, or saves, and to view them on the fan clash page.

There are also other challenges in the game that run from November 17 to December 7, i.e. until the end of the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Through the challenges, players can unlock country banners and decals. The banners are all unlocked via the first challenge, after which all decals can be unlocked as collected capsules. These have the categories: Southern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Middle East, Asia and Oceania, Africa, North America and South America.

You get a golden egg for completing six of these challenges, and there is also another challenge in which you have to win ten online games, which, unlike the others, can be repeated and “only” gives you experience points.

Champions Field

Starting on November 30, a new arena will be added into the game — Champions Field, which will be painted pink and blue and the Nike FC Showdown mode can then be played on this map for 14 days. In four on four, you can compete with a Nike ball and the physics should be similar to actual football.

Paid Items

The NIKE FC Pack or NIKE NEXT GENERATION PACK is brand new in the shop. It contains four items for a total of 1100 credits, all items can also be bought individually. The items in the pack are inspired by Nike shoes:

300 Credits

  • Fennec: Nike Phantom GT – Copper
  • Dominus: Nike Tiempo – Copper
  • Octane: Nike Air Zoom Mercurial – Copper

500 Credits

  • Nike Swoosh (Goal Explosion)

Also new in the shop, listed under Icons, is a Nike CR7 Pack, inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s shoe. The package costs 300 credits and includes a decal and a player banner, both of which are modeled after the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial. From November 30, there will also be items based on Ronaldo Nazário, the price will then be 300 credits again. In addition, there will be the Nike FC 2022 package.

Header: Psyonix